INCODIUM Project First Event, November 7th, Seoul

Incodium Team Introduction after Revealing the Incodium Wallet

The Incodium Project wowed fans and followers at the project’s first event held on the 7th November 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. Remember the smiles most music and K-pop lovers wore watching clips of the popular song “Gangnam Style” a few years ago? The smiles were again present, this time in Gangnam, as the crowd in attendance gave a thunderous round of applause after the cyber attack simulation that was the highlight of the Incodium event at the DreamPlus Center.

The event that was attended by close to four hundred (400) participants also saw the presentation of an updated Roadmap for the Incodium Project and the release of the much anticipated INCO Web Wallet App. Daniel Park, Co-CEO of the Incodium Project laid out the future plans of the project and the value added of the Incodium Project to the cryptocurrency space. As a follow up, Martin Jang, Co CEO of the Incodium Project shared details on the business model of Incodium and what investors and the public had to look forward to.

Professor Sunghee Kim of KAIST, South Korea’s finest technology and engineering institution treated participants to a keynote speech. Professor Kim emphasized the need for trust in the new economy, the importance of the new form of money (cryptocurrency), and the significance of the Incodium Project to bringing stability to the cryptocurrency space. The next speaker, Marc Raphael, CEO of New York based Security and Authentication Company Key Supreme also emphasized the importance of improved security in cryptocurrency and daily lives. Mr. Raphael introduced the concepts of state-of-the-art technology to replace shared secrets, making it more convenient for people to secure their devices, cryptocurrency wallets, homes and offices.

As mentioned above, the event was not all talk. A hacking simulation was run to show just how possible and easy it is for hackers to gain access to a cryptocurrency wallet and steal assets from investors. The bewildered looks on the faces of participants and the loud applaud that greeted the exercise showed how connected participants were to issues of hacking and security in general. One participant described the event as ‘amazing and eye opening’. This was the general sentiment as people left the DreamPlus center in Gangnam at the end of the event.

It was a very successful event, and we are grateful to all the participants and investors in attendance, our key technology partners at KeySupreme for the simulation, BlockChain Times, BTCC Korea and other sponsors. We look forward to the next events in December of this year.

More exciting news to come on the INCO Mobile Wallet App and much more, join one of the INCODIUM Project SNS sites and stay updated. Visit the Incodium website at