Buy Bottle Shaped Pouches For Your Beverages

Liquids are the most difficult thing to carry around as it takes the shape of the containment they are carried into. There are also the chances of leakage of products that are in liquid form. So, it is always suggested that whenever you go for shopping of liquids, a consumer should check its packaging for any leakages or any other sort of damages. The reason being that the solid products can be carried somewhat if the packaging gets broken, but same is not the case with liquids. So, in this regard there are many pouches & packages manufacturing companies that produce quality packaging solution for your product needs.

These online providers in Delhi NCR regions offer you flexible packaging solution range including spout pouches, bottle shaped pouch, etc for all your liquid & fluid products. The reason such pouches are used for packing of fluids because they offer a safer packaging solution which ensures that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free as compare to plastic or glass bottles.

bottle shaped pouches

Here is detailed description of pouches that are being manufactured by packaging companies in Delhi NCR areas –

Shaped Pouches: These packaging providers offer bottle shaped pouches that can be shaped as per your design, brand or product requirement along with better quality print for products like alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, pharmaceutical products, sauces, liquid soaps, etc.

Benefits of using shaped pouches in bottle form

  • They are leakage free & puncture resistant.
  • Availability of Stand up feature enhance their visual appeal, thus they stand out on retail shelves.
  • They are convenient & easy to use.
  • Available with online suppliers in customizable shapes & sizes.
  • Can be shaped into formats like Zipper, Spout, Notch, D- Cut, Euro Slot, Rivet, etc.
  • They are reliable, flexible and safer option.
  • Lessens the transportation difficulties from retailer to consumer.

In addition to these bottle shaped pouch, these manufacturers also offer Centre Seal patterned pouches that are made from quality material and are widely used in packaging of products like biscuits, pulses, Atta, suji, Pharmaceutical, electrical appliances etc. These center seal pouches are center sealed at the back side with an extra margin and is ideal for packaging of powders up to 10 Kg and solids and pastes up to 1 Kg.

Benefits of using center seal pouch

  • Best for packaging of products with thickness.
  • They are leakage proof from corners.
  • Can withstand high & low variation in temperatures.
  • Have long shelf-life and are tamper & waterproof.
  • Available in single to multi-layer packaging.
  • Available in different colours & sizes along with option for customized printing.