Why Use Pillow Pouches For Packaging Of Food Products?

Food products like snacks, chips, cookies and other confectionary items wrapped in shiny attractive packaging makes you want them and you just go there and buy them. Right! This is the main idea behind such packaging so that when customers go to a supermarket or a mall or a shop they just buy the product, though they were not earlier going to. Such is the magic of these attractive packaging solutions offered by various manufacturers for your food products in Delhi-NCR region.

You don’t just need a packaging, but a good quality pouch packaging solution for your food products, so that not only it enhances your product, but also keeps it safe and sound. The packages in the form of center seal packages or pillow pouches serve this requirement and are easy to open, being just split the center open, and have your favourite cookie or chips in your hand with ease. These pouches are filled with the food item and then are sealed from the centre of the packet at the back side from top till bottom. When it is filled with edible product, it takes the shape of the pillow, that’s why it is called pillow pouch or bags. Thus, they are the favourite choice for all the snacks & munchies producers.

They are favourable packaging for food products because they offer –

· A versatile packaging solution that can house solids, powders and almost any packing product with thickness,

· Leakage proof corners and can endure the deviations in temperature,

· Easy to store and transport and are affordable to carry,

· Long span of life, so keeps your items quality intact and fresh,

· Water-proof and highly cost effective, and

· Best choice for confectionary products, pulses, suji, etc.

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