Petits Soldats, Grandes Victoires

Soldats d’Etain

Heinrichsen “flat” tin figures.
Oakland Tribune, December 24, 1926
Until the beginning of 1937, the SCFH was known as the Société des Collectionneurs de Soldats d’Étain.

Le Kriegspiel


SCFH member Étienne Grobert (center in white), while a prisoner at Oflag VIII-F.



Like many Resistance fighters, Teddy Rasson traveled under forged papers: his used the name Robert Trévoux.
Later issues of the Circulaire apologize for omitting from this list of prisoners the names of Bassac, Berdin, Bieber, P. Bretegnier (who escaped), Cartault, Gauvin, Phillippot, and Saintoin. Around twenty total members of the SCFH were at one time prisoners of war.





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Jon Peterson

Jon Peterson

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