Review & Video premiere: SECOND GUESSING — De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

Utrecht’s screamo / post hardcore band Second Guessing is a true gem in the Dutch loud music landscape. They cite stuff like City Of Caterpillar, La Quiete, Birds In Row and Orchid as inspiration, which you can certainly hear, but there’s another cool element to them and that’s their Dutch titles and bits of lyric. Their sound combines blast beats, down beat, melancholic vocals, buzzsaw guitars and desperate screams. Just what the doctor ordered.The boys have recorded a new EP called ‘Tijd Verdringt’ with Wessel Reijman of Grey Aura and its a killer release!

There’s another 5 tracks on this one and it’s the follow up to their 2014 tape ‘Cycles of Disappointment’, released with the mighty Smithsfoodgroup, a group of folks releasing and supporting great music and promoting great shows for some time now.

The first thing you notice when you play the new EP is the deep, warm and yet aggressive sound they have managed to create. A very pro sounding bunch of songs guys! After a short intro, opening cut Villa dall’Ava dives right in with fast blast beats and scratchy guitars. Why, if I didn’t know better this could also be a black metal band. But all the breakdowns, the open guitar chords and very dynamic songwriting prove otherwise. I’m not going to do a runthrough of all the tracks here, but closing track Arvo Part (yes, named after the Estonian composer of the same name) is, in my opinion, the standout track with its long build and satisfying, heavy as fuck climax, together with the track they made a great looking video for: De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

Check that out right here, looking all shiny and supercool:

Second Guessing is presenting the new EP pretty soon with a superb line-up at the show at Utrecht’s cult venue DB’s on May 17th. Supported by Rogue Minor, Throwing Bricks and dooie mus. Check out these guys and support the #true #dutch #underground.