iPRONTO Coin Pre-ICO Now Live!

The much awaited token presale of iPRONTO Coin is now live. Early birds interested in becoming part of the next big cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution set to witness the rise of new-age startups and gain from it now have an exciting opportunity.

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Overview of iPRONTO Coin Distribution and Crowdsale

Greek legends have it that Aergia, the Greek goddess, was one for sloth and laziness. She, thus, personifies the quality and idea of indolence. In the world where one has to decide on the lunch dish in a dash of a moment from the menu, not much waits. It is the need of the hour to be the early bird and catch that worm. This attitude becomes imperative when dealing with matters vested with interests for the parties that catch on to the trend at the earliest. One doesn’t want to result in being the Aergia of this age and time.

The Pre-ICO token sale is one such matter where the odds are all against the ones who wait and fortunes shining towards the ones which reach out to a promising cryptocurrency platform at the earliest. With the Pre-ICO token sale, it becomes possible for the investors and the interested stakeholders to jump in the wagon and purchase tokens before the official crowdsale of the tokens is inaugurated. Pre-ICO sale doesn’t limit its positives to the chance to actively engage with a platform closer to its origin, it pushes to even provide the investors with a handsome discount.

iPRONTO by Idea Paradise is a counter-answer to the challenges of a conventional startup ecosystem by setting up a novel ecosystem based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology where startups with novel ideas can meet investors looking to support the next big and interesting idea in the startup world. iPRONTO thus marries crowdfunding concepts and incubation for startups to give rise to an environment which would be most conducive to current talents in startup ecosystem. The platform is curated with care such that the best of professionals from all fields lend their expertise to take the startups, and even ideas to their optimal growth, ensuring that investors maximise through their choice to participate in this process.

The countdown with regard to iPRONTO Pre-ICO token sale is ticking away quickly. Pre-ICO offering, at a discount of 15 percent on the actual token value, was initiated earlier this month and will close on January 15, 2018. Only 6.3 M token are at sale in a Pre-ICO offering out of the proposed total of 45M. iPRONTO works on a quick paced manner, and has the alpha and beta versions of the platform scheduled to be released in succession to the completion of ICO sales and listing procedures. Ethereum blockchain technology, on which iPRONTO platform is built, provides a tamper-free aspect to the body of work that is carried out on the platform. This involves a transparent and safe environment for the nurture of future businesses and entrepreneurs.

The time is apt to invest in a platform that demands a high-quality work ethic and integrity from all their stakeholders, as they reflect within their own processes. Being a token holder would mould you into an important part of the new ecology that is emerging as the strong and powerful economy and business culture.

Join the iPRONTO Coin Pre-ICO token sale at — https://www.iprontocoin.io/

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