#EyesOnTheBall Vote for an independent Senate

This is at stake. The INDEPENDENCE of the Senate.

To understand the urgency, let’s review the main goals of the Duterte regime:

1) A new, draconian anti-terror law that expands the definition of “terrorist” and “terrorism” to levels that would make it easier to gag and take out the legal opposition. That measure is also a sword over media, making journalists accessories if they interview or quote persons deemed as terrorists. (We know how this government plays fast and loose with terms. We know they tried but failed to get proscription for more than 600 folks.)

2) Chacha : to institutionalize above, take away socio-economic and human rights provisions – because Duterte thinks rights are a bane on development and law and order.

3) Chacha : To allow the Chinese state and enterprises and other foreign patrons to own our LAND and control industries and have a free hand exploiting our marine reserves. In short, a Chacha that would trample on any protests over sovereignty because it would just formalize China’s growing capture of PH territory and natural wealth.

You can also WATCH this video. Christian Esguerra delves into how the Senate works as an institution and why it should remain independent. https://news.abs-cbn.com/video/news/05/09/19/facts-first-an-independent-senate