Me, I and Myself: Duterte wastes time on grudges as monster typhoon heads for PH

Had Duterte converted that surreal date with his legal adviser into a live disaster mgmt conference, given that monster heading our way, he would have delivered some critical public service.

But no, that miserable, filthy man can’t see beyond instant gratification.

Easy to imagine cowering aides fearing a murderous rage should the President of the Republic be left to the tender mercy of journalists with a long list of questions to ask:

  • The Israeli snub on police cooperation;
  • His favourite gofer’s family as beneficiary of government contracts;
  • The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) defying his order to pretend canine heroes had not sniffed out the remnants of a shank shipment worth P6 billion;
  • Saner heads in the military and police forces balking at an order to nab Sen Antonio Trillanes without a court warrant;
  • Kin of his drug war victims filing a complaint with the International Criminal Court prosecutor;
  • Prices soaring high as people queue for daily quota of rice purchases; and
  • That darkening face

So they dragged a special nurse to try to keep his tantrum in check – barely.

Panelo, for once not dressed like an extra from The Little Shop of Horrors, tried his best to direct Duterte into tackling their version of the true, the good and the beautiful. He tried to get Duterte to reassure a grumbling public (those trust ratings have dipped) of his ability to turnaround economic conditions.

He failed. To a question in health, Duterte responded with a conspiracy theory about Trillanes and Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Jose Maria Sison.

In more than half a dozen questions on the economy and other matters, Duterte would revert to castigating military officers he suspects are in cahoots with Trillanes and the Philippines’ broad Left movement. Think of a Zombie wired to head for the last grudge before death.

Those blockheads didn’t even consider that when the typhoon slams into the country, the soldiers and cops he disparaged and insulted, and the many people’s organisations and NGOs and political groups that he threatened, would be the ones fanning out for rescue and relief operations.

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