New attack on media shows Duterte regime’s weakness

Dante Ang’s Manila Times “expose” is a dud.

My former employer just promoted this University of the Philippines dropout to lawyer. Journalist to lawyer. Just on those glaring errors of fact, that article fails big time.

There is no singular, proven fact in that hogwash — except that the “information” came from Malacañang, the country’s seat of power. It just lumps names on organizational charts, or bylines that have appeared on products and outputs of media orgs.

I’ve said this several times: Disinformation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The lies are always accompanied by on-ground attacks or they precede these attacks.

I stand with Ellen Tordesillas and Maria Ressa, with Vera Files and Rappler and PCIJ and other media groups, like the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines and the Altermidya network, that have recently come under fire.

They are hounded for one reason: their stories and campaigns against disinformation and for freedom of the press and expression have gained traction.

And yes, I stand with the NUPL, with Edre Olalia and Neri Colmenares and Karlos Ysagani Zarate and all the fighting lawyers.

The Duterte regime has killed. thousands with very little legal evidence to show the victims’ guilt. Duterte and his minions have spent three years bandying names with no data to back up charges.

After trying its best to convince people that words of a madman are the equivalent of a court sentence, the regime is terrified to be stripped of its pretensions. And so it lashes out.