What is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

I get this question a lot so I thought to answer at last.

In my short experience as a trader, I’ve used multiple platforms and websites. The following are the ones which have been the best (in decreasing order of priority)

  1. Binance — Most useful for trading altcoins which are new to the market.
    Binance lists most good coins when they’re launched early. Follow Binance on twitter, and keep updated on which coins they’re launching, research about them and buy early etc. 
    I bought GVT at binance when it was trading at 2.5$ — it was trading yesterday at $7.87
  2. Cryptopia — Very useful for capturing low marketcap altcoins — which have a very good probability of gaining value.
  3. Bitfinex — This is one of the biggest exchanges based out of USA and has a very good UI/UX.

If you’re interested into Margin Trading -

  1. Bitmex — They’ve a strong team and a very secure platform. They give you 100x leverage on your deposits (which means you can margin buy 100 BTC when you have 1 BTC). 
    You can sign up using my ref link here — Bitmex (and get 10% off your fee for first 6 months — limited period off)
  2. Bitfinex — Already mentioned above but a good platform to margin trade. Only con is that it gives you only 3X leverage on your deposits.

Thanks for seeing this. You can follow me on twitter and ask me anything regarding cryptocurrencies :)