Tips on Tipping in India

India has a long tradition of tipping or ‘baksheesh’ as it’s called here. But let’s be honest. India doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to the apprehensions of foreign travellers about being tricked for money. Although, many of those who set foot in India duly acknowledge that such incidences are not a general indicator and depend on the circumstances. You may never meet a trickster here or meet many in a day. The travellers who choose IndeBo as their travel specialists do not just sign up for our tour but also for zero hassles. However, those who choose to backpack solo or without a tour operating company, monetary transactions can still be a challenge especially when it comes to how, what, and when of tipping. We bring them some simple to follow tips about tipping in India.

Tipping at hotels

  • Tip between 5% to 7% of the hotel tariff per night for the number of nights you have stayed.
  • Exclude restaurants tips from general hotel tips, but if you have ordered for the room service, then you can tip 10% of the total bill just like you should in the restaurants.
  • But that if your bill doesn’t already include the item of service charge levied at 10%, which is basically just a formal name for a tip.
  • Also, it’s always better to read through your bill once.
  • For the bellboys and liftmen carrying your luggage at the hotel, a tip of Rs 50 per piece of luggage is fine.

Tipping car taxis/rickshaws drivers.

  • Unless you can’t really carry your luggage there is no real need to tip the drivers.
  • For taxi and rickshaw drivers, know that locals do not tip.
  • If the transport is a fixed flat rate for a long-haul journey, simply pay the fare and then give a tip of around 100 RS.
  • In the case of airport transfer, tip approximately 30 to 50 INR.
  • If you rent a car for a day to tour the city, depending on how happy you were with the service, you can tip between 100 to 250 INR.
  • If you take a taxi or a tuk-tuk (rickshaw) from A to B after deciding a rate, then a tip is usually not expected.
  • When you have a driver over multiple days you should tip him between 150–300 INR per day. Again, base this on how happy you were with his service and local knowledge.

Tipping tour guides:

  • You should tip a personal guide between 100 and 300 INR per day, depending on how happy you were with their tour.
  • If you have used the same guide for multiple days then a tip of anything between 500–1000 INR is fine.
  • Don’t tip if they insist on taking you to some especially shops for shopping.

Tipping for the rest of the things

  • Beggars: Rs 5 maximum if anything, preferably nothing.
  • Sadhus/Swamy: Rs 5, Rs 10–20 if asking for a photo
  • Services (Massage, Barber): 10% or as you wish
  • Shoe Handlers at Temples/Mosques: Rs 2–5 average, Rs 5 maximum per pair.
  • Temple offering/Puja: Rs 5–10, Rs 20 maximum
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