On why we built indecision digest

I was about 18 when I graduated out of high school, in our Kenyan System(God bless Kenya), we stay for a few months at home, then chose what we want to do with our lives professionally by selecting a minimum of 5 courses we would be interested in pursuing in campus as our second selection.

The first selection is done in high school but this is before we do our final exam, so the choices may tend to change depending on what grade one may score in the final test, hence the need for the second selection.

The second selection is done on a website, whereby we just click and submit the courses we want to do in whichever campus, then in a few months time we get an invitation from one of the campus’ offering one of the courses we had earlier selected.

This is a good model, only that in most cases, what we tend to chose is mostly done out of guess work, we tend to chose one of the only things that are responsible for directing the course that our lives will take, out of what we think we know and what we know about the professional world after graduating high school is very little.


On selecting what we want to chose, we get greeted by a list of courses that is as large as the pic above.

Things can be confusing, because in high school, there isn’t truly any time to inform the students of all the possibilities that are out there, this is because our main focus and energy is directed towards passing and studying for the final tests.

That being said, the other only place we can seek advice from is our parents or relatives.

There’s a higher chance of this failing because their advice may be biased, or they may not have a clue just like you.

What then ?

The best way that I think would benefit kids that are graduating from high school, who still do not exactly know what they want to do is talk to someone who is working on the exact field that you are interested in.

How do we talk to this people ? In most cases we may not have a family member or even the telephone number of people working in that field.

This is why we built Indecision Digest.

Indecision Digest is a platform that brings together professionals and those that wish to steer their professional lives in a direction that they will love.


Post a question or a concern you have about any career, and have someone who works in that field explain to you what you need to know. This is our way of giving back to the community, by enlightening the youth to be more aware while taking one of the biggest decisions in their lives.

If you are on the verge of deciding which career you want to land in, sign up.

If you are a professional in a field and want to share your work experiences which may be of use to someone you can sign up.

This doesn’t apply only to the youth, but also to those who would wish to switch careers and want unbiased advice on the field that they are interested in joining so that they may know what is expected of them before they make a move.

Do you agree with us ? you can help support our course by sharing this post to your circles or even kids and workmates.

We are still at the early stages, in case of any issues contact us via 📧



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