This is a more self-reflective post than anything else. Yes, it’s a long form. A selfish experiment of thought, and self-provocation. Do read it, but with a pinch of salt. It can also be considered as an excuse to not write something more worth your while, and readable. Or an…

It’s easy to form opinions, adopt prejudices. It’s easy to like someone or something, and easier not to like someone or something. It’s easy to say goodbyes, to stop listening, to stop caring, and carry on than to wait, listen, understand, and try to relate.

I took a small trip…

I started writing on medium again, this year. Writing here on medium again, brought some memories back; it also made me realise why I write still. This, after a year full of goodbyes. Last year, I asked for a divorce. Post which, one my more loveable posts, was mistaken by…

I walk down the streets, and none look up from their magic mirrors. It’s like everyone is Snow White now — with duck faces.

And when they do look up, and I smile at them — I don’t even recieve a nod. I get stared at, with raising eyebrows; sometimes…

Curation all the things that generate curiosity & wonder. (Photo Credit:

Good things come in small packages.

That cliché is one the most used quotes, regardless of the size of the people using it; probably from the time of its inception. I am using it here too, to put an emphasis on my concept of how the two words — “wonder”…

Well, of course… stay still. 

Neither you, nor I are responsible for the wind.

Stand, in the sunshine. Be still.

Let it all come to you.

Look at the Stars and the Moon.

Listen to the Music.

Feel the warmth that flows around you.

Wash yourself in the rivers down below, wash away, all you have ever known.

Empty your cups, for they never will be able to hold your heart’s beat.

Find the freedom to love, the Glory to cherish.

Stay lost.

Have no direction.

Dance to the Music.

Use your impulse. Jump at the opportunity to become.

Stand, in the moonshine. Be Still.

Let it all come to you.

Let it all befall you.


Creator, Observer & a Caveman.

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