You are under attack and you don’t even know it!

Even if you were not reading this, chances are you still would have been consuming information be it via watching TV, surfing the internet, reading book or newspaper or magazine, listening to radio, messaging your friends and family or even scanning photographs or a billboard.

Such has been the explosion of content or information that an average individual spends more than 8 hrs per day consuming this information. Considering 8 hrs of sleep time, it’s more than half of an individual’s awake time. Needless to say, the major contributor to this explosion is “The Internet” because of which now anyone can create content, can tweet on anything, write blogs and what not. And with ever increasing Internet Penetration, which still hasn’t reached 50% mark globally, we are bound to be bombarded even further in times to come.

But is it worth consuming all this content? Obviously not! It’s taxing, to say the least. Also, you are not served with, only the content that you are interested in and you don’t even remember much of it. Don’t believe me? Try remembering all the news you read today.

It’s a complex and interesting problem to solve and we are trying to tackle it bit by bit — news space for now. We believe there are three aspects to it.

1- Interest focused.

Open any newspaper, news website or mobile app and try consuming only what interests you. More often than not, you will not be able to. Reason being, you are invariably being served all kinds of content and you have made peace with making your way through it.

Why shouldn’t you — The User, have the choice to consume only what matters to you.

2- Concise.

In today’s fast-paced world, where each media house is churning out hundreds of articles a day, do they all deserve the same kind of attention and do you really have the time to read them all?

As far as news is concerned, probably you should be less informed about more, rather than being more informed about less.

While still giving you the option to dig in deeper, in case that’s what you want.

3- Visual.

What purpose is the content consumed serving, if you can’t remember it even for a day? And an average adult retains only 10% of what they read while retaining 50% of what they read and see.

Why can’t each news be presented in a visually appealing manner to make your consumption pleasing and impactful?

As the image above says, Information Overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what’s important at the moment. It’s a choice. In case, you concur with us and want to make the right choice, do give us a shot at mynit.