• Nikhil K

    Nikhil K

    Wireless R&D & BizDev| Works on 5G at NI| 3GPP delegate| PhD, UT Austin | Hiker| photographer| Passionate Traveler| NFL fan| Indie music| budding poet

  • Sriram Govindarajan

    Sriram Govindarajan

  • Ned Rockson

    Ned Rockson

    Professional software engineering, architect, and leader. Life-long learner.

  • linda tong

    linda tong

    entrepreneur, sports addict, tech lover, food fattie, xoogler, and laughing fool

  • Sven | WEBDESIGN

    Sven | WEBDESIGN

    Parisian webdesigner, admirer of the international style, and who also happens to make a strange mix of blues, jazz and folk.

  • Kilmin Haro

    Kilmin Haro

    Trying to find his way home

  • Deepankar


    Follow me for updates on Technology, Marketing, Data Analysis, Market Trends, Big Data, Hacking, Social Events and more.

  • Shrey Sehgal

    Shrey Sehgal

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