The Career Growth Prospects of Automobile Engineers

With globalization and unbelievable growth of automobile industry across different parts of the world, there are indeed abundant opportunities for automobile engineers not only in India but in abroad as well. It is that branch of the engineering discipline that involves the study of operating doctrines of automobiles. Automobile engineers design, develop and test vehicles as well as administer its production right from the stage of its concept to its manufacturing stage.

Automobile engineering course

You may find several Automobile Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad as well as BTech colleges in Ahmedabad that emphasize not only on the technical knowledge but also on the overall skill development of the students thereby enabling their smooth transition to the professional environment outside the academic course. Besides, there are several recognized institutes offering B Tech Automobile Engineering Course in Gujarat with distinguished faculties and well equipped facilities in order to nurture students from the core and bring the best out of them.

To become a proficient automobile engineer, specialized training is also required besides the academic qualification. The areas of specialization in BTech course details include

1. Fluid mechanics

2. Aerodynamics

3. Engine system

4. Supply chain management

5. Electronics and control system

6. Thermodynamics and much more to add.

The advance courses also involve proper understanding of the mechanism of motor transport details, research and design, electrical system, vehicle chasis, internal combustion engine and workshop technology.

Growth of the automobile industry

The automobile industry is foreseen as the key driver to boost the economic growth of several countries. In fact, India is the 3rd largest investor in automobile industry in the world. It is becoming one of the leading manufacturers in terms of development and production of two wheelers and three wheelers vehicles. Moreover, the growing interests of the automobile companies to explore the rural markets are further helping the growth and development of this sector. India is also becoming one of the prominent auto exporters and also has a strong export growth expectation in the near future. Further, government of India is also encouraging foreign investment in the automobile sector making India’s automotive industry as one of the most competitive in the world.

Automobile engineering provides a platform for the engineers to explore new areas and horizons of the automobile industry. Recent research indicates that India is a prospective automobile market and jobs in this sector are expected to grow significantly.

Career opportunities

Due to prosperous growth in the automobile sector, there is no dearth of job opportunities in this industry. An efficient candidate will find several opportunities in the field of manufacturing, defense service, service station, insurance, state road transport, private transport companies, motor vehicle department, emissions research and many more to add. However, if one opts for higher studies and wish to gain more academic experience they can pursue M Tech and PhD and choose lectureship as their profession in engineering colleges and universities.

However, qualified candidates with exceptional communication skills are much in demand in several renowned companies. One may also initiate their own business such as automobile garages or automobile maintenance workshop or can even design vehicle models by joining the research and development department of a company.