ACL Injury or Knee Injury

Are you a sport person?

Do you engage in football, rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis or volleyball ?

If yes, then you would be familiar with the term ACL tear or ACL injury. You would have come across the case of an ACL injury among your co-players or friends in the sports circle.

Apart from sports persons, the ACL injury can happen to anybody during a trauma to the knees like accidents, fall, etc.

What is ACL Injury or ACL tear?

ACL or Anterior Cruciate ligament is one among the four major ligaments in the human knee and it connects the Femur (thigh bone) with the Tibia (shin bone). People who are very much involved in sports activities are prone to injuries and ACL injuries are the most common among the sports injuries. Amateur sports persons tend to tear their ACL more often than general population and senior sports persons. Since the ACL provides stability and strength to the knee any tear or injury to it needs attention and corrective action to avoid further damage to the knee. The most effective corrective action for an ACL injury or tear is ACL reconstructive surgery. Depending on the extent of damage the surgery is advised.

ACL Reconstructive Surgery Procedure:

During the ACL Reconstructive Surgery, the torn ligament is reconstructed by using a graft tissue from the patient body itself. Like most other knee surgeries, the ACL reconstruction surgery can also be done as open surgery or arthroscopic surgery. The arthroscopic surgery is more preferred due to the faster recovery and fewer post-operative complications. The surgery can be done under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. On an average, the duration of hospital stay is in the range of four to six days. Average duration of total recovery is six months, however it depends on the patient’s overall health condition and the physiotherapy routines undertaken.

ACL Surgery in India

All major hospitals are equipped with the expert surgeons and state of the art infrastructure to undertake the ACL Surgery in India. The factors making India one among the most preferred destination for undergoing the surgery are the availability of an extensive network of hospitals with latest technology, low waiting period, highly experienced doctors ,all at much lower cost compared to other countries like US & UK.