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Berlin-based designer who puts things together for handhelds.

Wireframes aren’t obsolete. They aren’t too concrete. And they definitely aren’t a waste of time.

Wireframes are skeletons for a would-be design, for a website or a mobile app, and we all know this. There are different types of wireframing techniques and ways of using these techniques. We won’t talk…

After designing hundreds of screens, reading thousands of design articles, and feeling inadequate and less confident for years in a row, this is the story of how I became my favorite designer in 2020.

I used to think- the day you start liking what you’ve designed, you’ve become a confident designer. Maybe it was just something I told myself to keep at it, back in ‘17.

Today, I am free of the famous imposter syndrome that plagues my community and I also bear the…

Part 2 of 2

This is a co-written article. For better context, please skim through what we wrote in the first iteration.

Side projects are teachers, of sorts. After trying to redesign the Google Translate app and failing, Sahil and I tried again. Only while writing about it did we realize we weren’t failing…


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