Enhance your Application using Experience with the new Multi-linguistic app stores

The best operating system for mobile to be considered by million of mobile users is Android. There are many reasons to support this fact. Moreover, this platform is the most important topic among developers. The reason being that this OS keeps on providing updates and Android developers feel it a perfect way of profitable future where things will never run out of excitement. For users, it’s always a golden opportunity as they get to enjoy regular updates comprised of new feature and new apps from the developers.

Android OS — At a glance -

this operating system was developed by the Google and is based out of Linux kernel. This OS was primarily designed for mobile devices that are touch screen based such as the smartphones and tablets. The UI of Android is formed out of using touch gestures, direct manipulation that corresponds to the real-world actions like tapping, swiping and pinching. Apart from mobile devices, there are touch screen TVs which run on this platform, for cars there is android auto and also, there are Android Wear for wristwatches, each of these come with a specialized user interface. Alternatives to Android are also practiced on notebooks, digital cameras, game consoles and other electronics.

How is android best for developers?
There are many points to support this answer both from the user’s point of view as well as Android developer point.

1. Experienced developers find the android market as the blooming one because of the updates that keep on coming from time ti time.
2. Moreover, Android developers get to customize the app as per their demand which helps them to put their idea on the market.
3. Android user finds multitasking, multi-window operation better and therefore, chooses it.
4. The availability of open source code in Android helps the develops in the app development while the users can get to install the apps from the third party too.

Choosing the better app store -

There used to be a time when the Android users could only use one app store but now the time has changed and this change of time has brought better options for app stores. India App Stores is one such Multi-linguistic app store that is not only favorable to the Android developers but to the users of India too. Now the developers can pit their apps in multiple languages in this apps store and also get assured cash-back on a successful sign-up while uploading their apps. Further, as Indian users, people can get to have their favorite apps in their preferred languages which mean that the experience from user end will tend to be more engaging and better.

There are many other reasons to go with this app store but apart from that it does not come as a compulsion that you should go with Android developers but choosing India App Stores will be the beneficial thing to do. It is your decision whether to choose or not but if made will surely be the best decision taken ever by any Android developer. For more information visit:http://www.indiaappstores.com/