Wedding Choreographer in Delhi with India Choreographers Club Team

If your dance in your heart and you give feet will follow. It is our pleasure to help you bring up line out the dance choreography deep within to express your emotion feeling, true and pure, on your special day who you make interesting. not only will we assist the bridge and groom expression of love through up dance , but we’ll also our wedding choreographer in delhi team dance routines for friends and family who move to the beat point of the couple’s union team.

Ladies Sangeet sandhya function Dance

As we know that sangeet sandhya is the soul of any Indian culture wedding choreographer service. It is an energy filled night when everyone on their feet. lately, sangeet ceremonies are held by the bride and groom jointly. on this night if both families come together, you want to bring out your best moves and impressive amazing move everyone present. Here We help with creative routines for group dance performances service that are aim at teasing the couple moment, symbolizing the excitement of marriage and the pangs of a bride leaving their house. contact us for booking to let us help you bring out dance performances of a lifetime moment that are emotionally deep and aesthetically spectacular.

Fashion Show Choreography

Fashion is an art in itself. And fashion shows are the medium through which the art is displayed. A fashion show’s success doesn’t only depend on the clothes or models. It also heavily depends on the music and lights, the model’s strut, and the attitude exuded. our wedding choreographer in Delhi will help harmonize the overall theme, the clothes, the walk, the music, the models’ expression and movements. we will ensure that a sober, business walk is used for a business-formals fashion show, while a flirty, happy walk, with oodles of movement is used to bring out the personality of the spring/summer casuals collection. We will focus on showcasing your works of art, while you focus all your valuable energy on creating designs worth showcasing.

Anchor/ M.C for Events

Beautiful decor and delicious food alone do not a party make. be it your wedding or your sangeet, your birthday or new year’s celebration, big parties require someone to get things going and keep people hooked.You no longer have to worry about arranging games for the children, music and dance for the young adults, and lively conversation for the elders. You, as the host, having organized the entire event, deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party without feeling the pressure of conducting the event. leave that job to our energetic and dynamic anchors/m.c’s who have something up their sleeve for everyone. let our professional m.c’s do the job of making people laugh, getting the dance floor full and engaging even the quietest of guests. contact us to take the burden of hosting an event off your shoulders with the guarantee that the event will run smoothly.

DJ, Light and Sound

An event isn’t successful until it has good quality light and sound and a great DJ. whether you want to showcase something on stage with a spotlight, or get people grooving to psychedelic, moving lights, you need a qualified light engineer with good equipment. Whether you need the audience to pay attention to the speaker at the podium, hear the intricate sounds of the movie that is being screened, or get people tapping their feet to the music while feeling the bass pulsing through their bodies, a good sound engineer/DJ with a great sound system is a must.

We can provide the entire light, sound and DJ package for your event. our light and sound equipment is state-of-the-art and our engineers are skilled operators. We will also arrange a DJ who will work his magic and get everyone jigging in no time.

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