3 Most Required Vital Skills That Digital Marketing Success Factors

The profession of marketers is much more challenging now, as compared to the past. These days, one has to keep track of so many platforms, formats, systems, channels and such other elements that it really becomes confusing at times. It is a common occurrence that your marketing team decides to go along with its AdWords strategy while improving their approach on social media. Marketers have to focus on elements that will provide maximum mileage. They have to keep searching for the latest technologies and techniques that will help deliver desired results to clients.

According to experienced digital marketing experts, based in India, the following marketing techniques and technologies will gain prominence in near future.

Customer relationship management:

CRM or customer relationship management is nothing new and it has existed across the ages. Professionals working at a reliable digital marketing agency in India are of the opinion that the CRM is now efficient enough to ensure business value throughout the customer life cycle. In other words, marketers need to put extra focus on the CRM, as the data involved in it can be helpful in a number of ways.

· Build audience on Facebook, Google and other social media channels

· It improves targeting through email marketing

· Helps segmenting customers based on various criteria like their website behavior and purchase history.

Using applied analytics:

Analytics have been a crucial tool for marketers down the centuries. But, as there was always the lacking of high-quality, authenticated data, maximum utility of Analytics tools could never be achieved. Now, in this ongoing digital age, the professionals have easy access to volumes of quality data for analysis and draw conclusions from. Thus, depending on applied analytics is steadily increasing for modern-day marketers.

Experienced marketers based in major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata point out the three ways of taking decisions using analytics tool.

· Modifying the frequency of messaging by analyzing the success rate of ad and email campaigns.

· Creating customized content by making use of data from customer profiles.

· Boosting brand awareness through feed backs obtained from customer reviews and social media.

Importance of video content marketing:

By the end of 2017, it is speculated that video marketing will count for about 70% of overall consumer traffic. Moreover, mobile video ads are expected to grow multiple times faster as compared to landing pages and desktop. Above everything else, marketing through videos will help businesses generating near about 800% conversion. Video marketing along with content marketing is supposed to take up the maximum space across the marketing industry in the coming days.

Experts at a renowned digital marketing company in India which provide Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore, Kolkata Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities point out the simple logic behind this speculation. In the ongoing times, when YouTube is the second most popular search engine around the globe, video content will obviously get easily consumed and generate towering levels of user engagement. But most marketing experts do not possess the required skills to enjoy maximum benefit that video content offers. It is a good idea to tag videos with relevant keywords before optimizing those for search engines.