Chitre (West Bengal)

On the following day, spruced up, you can head to another spot resplendent with natural beauty called Chitre, a tiny Buddhist settlement at 8,340 ft on the Indo-Nepal border, about three km on the way from Maney bhanjang to Tonglu in West Bengal. There is a popular catchphrase among the tourists and those who organise the tour:
Enjoy the majestic Kanchenjunga in the morning and then fill your senses with the holiness of the Chitre Monastery.

The route up to Chitre is quite a steep uphill walk on a rocky trail through a forest lined with pine, fir, birch and bamboo glades and wonderful rock vegetation. Chitre happens to be one of those vantage points from where Kanchenjunga can be seen fully. To reach this awesome location one has to come up to Ghoom by any local transport from Kurseong and then trek along the Sandakphu trail. About three hours’ trekking takes one to the spot near Maneybhanjang from where five of the highest peaks of the world, including Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Lhotse, along with many other peaks of Nepal and Sikkim, can be seen.

After you return home, you discover to your utter surprise that not even a full week has passed since you left home for the trek. Your purse has not been flattened beyond limits nor has your boss sported a wrinkle on his forehead. Now you can resume work and continue for another full year with no grumbling. You appear to have shed your weary feeling.

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