Chennai Smart City Project Getting No Support From State Government?

CHENNAI: Tussle between central Government and the states is not new in our country and latest in this list is Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu capital Chennai is regularly raising issues against PM Modi’s very ambitious project of 100 Smart Cities in India. But, the Chennai Smart City project seems to be getting delayed as local authority officials said that the project feasibility study is yet to carried out. Based on corporate officials, this might push the implementation of pan-city solutions for your city as well as several of the retrofitting ideas proposed for T Nagar back by six to 12 months.

Sources stated that Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL), the special purpose vehicle given the job of executing the project, has formed sub-committees to analyze the feasibility of projects proposed under the 1,366 crore package. “This is to prioritise proposals under immediate, mid-term and long-term solution categories,” the source said. The study’s findings could also cut out a few proposals from your initial package.

We now have grouped together projects that will require multi-departmental coordination such as the corporation and Metrowater or TNEB. We have drawn tech support in the executive engineer level from all of these departments and constituted the sub-committees,” said a senior official. Lack of site planning and inspection at the time of preparing the proposal has necessitated a feasibility study. “The first proposal was drafted according to an introduction to what the city needs. We didn’t look for feasibility then,” the state said.

For instance, fitting level sensors inside storm water drains is part of the retrofitting solutions for T Nagar. The sensors would help alert the authorities about rising levels housing project in chennai of water throughout the monsoon. Officials admitted that with the storm drains carrying sewage in lots of localities of T Nagar, this proposal might not arrive at fruition.

After the final proposal is drafted, the CSCL will bring aboard project management units (PMU) to make an in-depth project report.In T Nagar, the smart city package aims to improve the locality’s power and water storm, supply and sewage water drainage functionality and connectivity, solid waste management and sanitation, introduce pedestrian-friendly footpaths and intelligent traffic management system.

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