Gotta Keep On Movin’ (April Redux)

We have been on a whirlwind tour of government offices, international development organisations and NGOs to understand the prevalent institutional view of migration.

And there is no doubt that in India migration is increasingly seen as an opportunity. A means for households, especially in rural India, to find alternative livelihood opportunities. A crucial source of skills and labour powering the urban economy. It is no longer conflated with distress and poverty but instead seen as a remedy.

But this much needed, ever-growing recognition needs to be followed by steps to integrate migrants in the destination regions. Employers in sectors like construction are increasingly concerned by the high attritional rates amongst migrant workers i.e. they are unable to retain migrant workers. Given the recruitment and skilling costs involved, this is an expensive problem.

Based on surveys and workshops with migrant workers: it is a problem of integration.

For migrants to be truly productive and long term contributors to the Indian economy, issues relating to their health, finances, sanitation, housing, working conditions and other key aspects of their lives at destinations need to be addressed.

The problem is that while integration of migrants is a well conceptualised and an integral part of policies in the west for international immigrants. There has been little attempt to do the same for interstate migrants in India. The sheer size and diversity of the country combined with an equally vast and complicated welfare bureaucracy, where internal migrant journeys are equivalent to international migration, requires a suitable migrant integration approach.

Our flagship project, the Integration of Inter-State Migrants (IMPEX) tackles this issue front on.

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Using this index we evaluated all the major migrant destination states of Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Haryana. If you haven’t read the paper yet, you can find it here.

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INDIA MIGRATION NOW is build by pure passion for migration research and policy. We are a completely independent and self-funded organisation. If you find any joy and value in what we do, please consider taking this survey to help us understand your preferences. (CLICK THIS BUTTON TO ACCESS THE SURVEY)Imagined Homelands: A NEW PODCAST SERIES!

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Tune in to the podcast by clicking on the image above.

We have collaborated with THE QUINT on a series of podcasts titled “Imagined Homelands.” In this series, narratives will be driven by the voices of migrants into India, from India and within India to understand their lives, perspectives and issues.

In the first episode of Imagined Homelands, we spent time with some Rohingya families in Delhi. Listening to their stories was one of the most surreal experiences of our lives.


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Are political parties are starting to realise the scale and impact of migration?

Our research team sat down and compiled the election manifestos of major political parties. We linked each manifesto to key migration issues and also the relevant Sustainable Development Goals. (Click the image above to access the document.)

Want to know what is at stake in the current Indian elections? Head on over to the April 2019 edition of Gotta Keep on Movin’.

The IMN Team

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