Gotta Keep on Movin’ August Redux 2019

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Dear Reader,

The month of August marks the one year anniversary of our Newsletter Gotta Keep on Movin’, and the IMN Podcast series. Over the last one year our newsletters have covered topics ranging from internal migration, emigration, immigration, climate induced migration and many more. We also focused on interventions present for migrants in India and how they can be scaled up. You can read all our past newsletters on our medium page here.

In the India Migration Now Podcast series and the India Migration Now Extra podcast series we spoke to migration experts, activists, government representatives, authors, emigrants, immigrants and internal migrants to understand their perspectives and positions. Our aim through these podcasts was to make more and more people listen to the stories and experiences of migrants and ensure that migrants themselves talk about their lives. Our podcasts are now available on all major podcast channels like Spotify,, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.

August 2019 Updates

IMN adviser Dr. S Irudaya Rajan, team members Varun and Priyansha wrote a commentary on the Draft Emigration Bill 2019, pointing out the need for a rights-based approach inclusive of all Indian migrants abroad.When addressing overseas migrants’ issues, the destination perspective is often missed. Considering the scale of migration that takes place from India to the GCC countries, our research team wrote a two part blog on “Indians in the Gulf: The Other Side of the Story”.

  • Part I of the blog series examined the trends and patterns of migration from India to the Gulf and the impact of this large scale migration. You can read Part I here.
  • Part II of the blog series examines the the rights of locals in the Gulf countries, their perceptions of migrants and concludes with understanding how the factors mentioned in Part I become the causes of restrictive immigration policies in the Gulf. You can read Part II here.

In our August 2019 Newsletter, our founder Varun Aggarwal shares the story of how IMN came into being and what the organisation aims to achieve in the future. If you missed the August newsletter, you can read it here.

In our 1-year anniversary special episode of India Migration Now podcast, Varun Aggarwal (IMN Founder) reflects on a year of podcasts. We feature guests from all walks of migrant lives looking at immigration, emigration and internal migration in India. The podcast is produced by Nakul Aggarwal and the Theme Track is Kenji Kawai’s Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack).

We look forward to bringing you more insights and perspectives from the world of migration in the coming year. Until then please consider supporting up by making a donation.

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Thank you for reading.

IMN Team

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