Gotta Keep on Movin’: March 2019 Redux

We finished our finished our paper looking at state level policies for the integration of interstate migrants in India. We have built an index called the Inter-State Migrant Policy Index (IMPEX) which compares the policy frameworks of 7 major migrant-receiving states in India.

Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat are the seven states we cover in the index. With Kerala leading the way and having certain migrant welfare provisions in place, Delhi and Gujarat lag severely behind. Read more about this in the paper here. Do let us know when you read the paper so that we can share the evaluation sheet with you.

2019 being an extremely crucial year and with elections being just round the corner, our Founder/Lead wrote an article on the Uttar Pradesh’s missing voters. Uttar Pradesh is at the heart of the upcoming elections and is also a major migrant sending state.

Our team also wrote a blog on the complexities surrounding the Citizenship Amendment Bill and what it means for immigration in India. IMN proposes solutions based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

We also interacted with migrants and experts to understand he scale and
significance of Female Migration from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India. You can read the key takeaways here.


We have a new podcast series called IMN Extra, in which we have compelling conversations with experts, activists, migrants, employers, just about anybody and everybody involved with migration.

In this episode of IMN Extra, Varun (IMN Founder) sits down with Rejimon Kuttappan. Rejimon is a journalist based in Kerala. His writing on Gulf migration has featured in The Wire, Reuters, The Caravan amongst other reputed publications. He is also the India-Arab Gulf Senior Investigator for UK-headquartered Equidem Research and Consulting. The discussion covers Rejimon’s experiences as amigrant journalist writing about migrants in the Gulf and details his eventual expulsion to India.

Produced by Nakul Aggarwal
Theme Track from Kenji Kawai’s Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)

Finally, just a reminder in case you missed our March Newsletter on”Female Migration from, within and to India”

The IMN Team

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