Predictions of Arvind Kejriwal Winning the Upcoming Punjab Elections

If the present trends noticed among the main political pioneers in Punjab, are a sign then Aam Aadmi Party AAP drove by Arvind Kejriwal could be a hot recommendation for the upcoming Punjab elections of 2017.

Kejriwal came into fame first as a devoted adherent of Anna Hazare battling for the Lokayukta and Lokpal Bill and afterward as the pioneer of the recently framed AAP that cleared the races in Delhi practically wiping out the two driving national parties- the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress completely.

An unexpected victory

In spite of the immense ubiquity and rising stature of pioneer of Bhartiya Janta Party- Narendra Modi and solid challenge from Sonia Gandhi, Arvind could lead AAP to an extensive triumph in Delhi. Even the political specialists were not expecting this victory. It appears voters saw something in him that colossally pulled on them.

It didn’t appear to be sufficient either for Kejriwal or his party. He meant to raise his gathering to the national level and along these lines began striving for the same. The quick goals of his and his party were having a firm foot in Punjab, where the State Assembly general elections are planned to be held in 2017.

Leaders planning to join the AAP

Numerous pioneers from different gatherings are looking to AAP as their option choice and that incorporates pioneer of BJP in Punjab like Navjot Singh Sidhu.

At the point when Aam Aadmi Party was battling the Delhi elections, it pulled in individuals from all circles of the general public like a magnet. It appears their claim of the defilement free administration spoke to everyone. In any case, the previous two years in the wake of coming to control have not been a protected paddling for AAP. They faced continuous tussle with the Central Government and there were assertions of defilement too.

The bottom line

Pre survey polls conducted in Punjab demonstrates an avalanche triumph for the Aam Aadmi Party and the forecast is that the gathering would snatch situates in the scope of 94–100 among the 117 seat Punjab Assembly.

These expectations are very uniform in all pre-survey studies and it offers assurance to Kejriwal’s claim made toward the beginning of July that 100 seats will be grabbed by his party in Punjab Assembly.

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