Facebook Unveils the New Messenger Platform to Integrate Apps

Facebook has announced its new Messenger Platform that will allow its users to create and share the content with 3rd party tools and also communicate directly with businesses rather than emailing or calling. Facebook has released an SDK in order to help developers start building experiences for Facebook Messenger Platform. It is a new platform for Parse developers, advertisers and the News Feed.

Facebook Messenger as a Platform

There is a range of around 40 apps that had already been created by the hand-picked partners. There are many other improvements made to the messenger including animated stickers along with the animated GIFs and Emoji.

Facebook has completely decorated the messenger and the user is also able to show the ESPN sports score and weather channel updates as well.

Facebook has promised the developers to monetize all the stuff they build on the platform and messenger is the main focus for selling the stuff.

The users are also able to send cash to each other within this platform itself. Facebook has analyzed its users and identified that they are using stickers, emotions while chat also interested in watching weather updates as well. This all has been created under the messenger itself. Facebook is simply monetizing the messenger at the expense of users.

Apps that follow Facebook guidelines and policies can optimize their integration with the messenger. The app can be tested for optimization by adding users to the Tester role in the app’s dashboard.

The app’s logo and name will be sent with everything that is sent from the app.
• It is conversational
• It is expressive
• It is personal

The optimization of app needs to get approved from Facebook and after approval the app may also be featured within the messenger.

To make the conversations easier for the user, the developer can make the app exclusively for the messenger and limit the sharing actions as well.

The developer needs to follow the brand guidelines for App icon and naming.

What’s New for Developers?

The 3rd party app developers integrating with messenger offer the potential to reach a million users. Facebook plans to promote the integrated apps within the Facebook store itself.

The new platform is able to insert the services into the large number of Android and iOS apps. This will make the messenger platform as the strongest of all the other platforms available on the web.

It also enables the users to send and receive money directly through the messaging system.

The Facebook Messenger Platform will become more sophisticated with a range of options like Snapchat, WeChat, etc.

Great Tool for Businesses

The messenger platform will soon allow users to connect directly with businesses by replacing the current retailer processes.

The users will be able to place orders with online retailers and can change the shipping details through messenger as well.

The platform will allow direct communication with the businesses and brands. The users will be able to contact them about the recent purchases easily and more effectively.

The purchase can be made from inside the app itself, if the user is having a credit card on file and a session open with a brand.

Benefits of Using Messenger

There are a number of benefits incorporated in this platform.

• The developer can grow their audience by reaching to millions of people using a single platform.
• The user is able to see the location of the message or sticker from where it is sent.
• Replying from the messenger has become easier.
• Reply links are available right in the conversation window.
• Users get different ways to express themselves.

App Discovery Channel

The messenger platform is able to increase engagement with Facebook and it also helps the user to express themselves in a number of different ways.

Nowadays, the app stores are full of different apps and it is getting difficult for the users to find quality products or apps. The platform of messenger will create a nice way to discover great apps by giving developers the exposure they need to build their quality businesses.

The messenger platform solves two big problems.

• The app discovery is difficult for the developers
• It is difficult to share the content with others

The platform has shortened the distance between creating, finding and sharing the content. Facebook has an idea already that in order to become the world’s top messaging app, it will not be possible to do everything alone. By contacting the 3rd party apps and businesses to enhance the content, the messenger has become much more than just a chat app. It has become a great communication layer between the user and the world and will continue to grow with new features.

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