Unknown Facts about Thumb Reading

Guru Acharya Ji
Aug 10, 2018 · 3 min read

If you don’t know! Your whole hand is represented by your thumb. The thumb is thereby given more importance than the palm lines in your hand. For a palmist, the thumb is enough to understand your personality and personal traits. The thumb is regarded as the foundation of the entire hand. The thumb consists of 2 pieces of bones and is considered as a symbol of willpower. The thumb is divided into three parts: First Phalange, Second Phalange, and Third Phalange of the thumb or Place of Venus.

It is always preferable and advisable that you should not go to any palmist for palm reading or thumb reading. You must undertake different researches online to know about the best and the most reliable one. Guru Acharya Ji provides best Indian astrology services in Victoria. He is world famous for offering effective and simple to follow astrological services. Since he is practicing astrology from childhood, he has become an experienced and a well-learned palmist/astrologer. Guru Ji is also the best spiritual astrologer in Victoria and has solved problems for people worldwide. So don’t get into the trap of fake astrologers and consult the genuine ones.

Palm Reading In Victoria

The shape of the thumb is not the same. Different types of the thumb reveal one or another personality trait of the person. How fascinating it is that your thumb can unfold secrets about your personality. Isn’t? Let’s see how.

Hard Thumb- People with hard thumb are obstinate and alert. They have the capacity of keeping things to themselves and not sharing it with people.

Long Thumb- Such individuals are peg-headed, self-dependent and dominating. They are usually known as intellectuals and intelligence plays a very important role in their lives. They especially have a keen interest in Mathematics and Engineering.

Short Thumb- Such people can be easily influenced by others. They tend to believe others more than their own selves. They are a very emotional kind of people and take interests in poetry, music, and painting.

Supple and Flexible Thumb- Such people have a habit of accumulating a lot of wealth. They are also very adjustable sort of person who molds themselves as per the prevailing circumstances.

Obtuse-Angled Thumb- If your thumb makes an obtuse-angle with your index finger then it is an obtuse-angled thumb. Such thumbs are well-performed, thin and long. These are called gentle thumbs. An individual with such thumb is good-natured and gentle. They are mostly musicians and artists.

Acute-Angled Thumb- If your thumb makes an acute angle at the joint with your index finger then you surely come under this category. Such thumbs have comparatively smaller size and are clumsy; even these kinds of thumbs are classed and known to have evil quality.

People with such thumbs live a life of frustration throughout their lives. They are most likely to be lazy and get indulged themselves in wrong habits and living a carefree life.

Right-Angled Thumb- People with thumbs which form a right angle with the index finger fall under this category, such thumbs are elegant, strong and appear like pillars. They are hard workers and a bit short-tempered but can be easily cooled down.

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Guru Acharya Ji is one of the Best Indian Astrologers in Melbourne when finding the solution to your problems. https://www.guruacharyaji.com/

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