5 Key Tips to ensure Vastu Shastra compliance in your home

In the present day, the quantity of Vaastu specialists in our nation is second just to the quantity of cricket specialists and simply like the last mentioned, they have firmly varying suppositions on what tenets and standards one must take after to guarantee Vaastu Shastra consistence.

Given this data over-burden, what rules you ought to take after and what rules you can dispose of are altogether at your caution.

We needed to make your life less complex and thusly, we have assembled a rundown of five things that are an Absolute Must when you’re searching for a house.

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(PS — regardless of the possibility that you are not an adherent, it doesn’t hurt to have consistence, essentially to improve the resale estimation of the house!)

1. Pre-development

It is prescribed that one plays out a Bhumi Pooja (venerating the earth) before beginning the house development. This is viewed as a promising start and envoys a decent begin to the procedures.

2. House entrance

East is the most favorable course for the passage of a home. This is on the grounds that the sun ascends in the east and is said to acquire positive vitality and light into the family. The other adequate bearing that the house passage can confront is towards the North East.

3. Kitchen area

The South-East corner of the house is the best one for the kitchen’s area and cooking as far as anyone knows ought to be done while confronting the East. Notwithstanding, please remember that the kitchen ought not be found specifically before the fundamental entryway of the house.

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4. Main Bedroom

The Master Bedroom ought to be situated at the South West corner of an East-confronting home. From our point of view, in the event that you take after (2) and (3), you will guarantee that you can rest soundly without letting the fragrance or the clamor going with the cooking to wake you up. Square and rectangular molded rooms are prescribed, with the goal that you can leave the cutting edge development to alternate areas of the house.

5. Latrine area

The latrine area is another fundamental viewpoint, both from the point of view of Vaastu and in addition from a general wellbeing and style edge. Toilets are to be situated in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. On the off chance that this is impractical, South East toilets are permitted. It is additionally suggested (and sensible, as we would like to think, we may include), that the toilets, kitchen and Pooja room in the house ought not be adjoining each other.

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