What Films Overlook About Addiction
Christopher M. Jones

I thought Chris Rock did a credible job portraying the how and why of a relapse. I saw that movie in early recovery and related to it very much. I don’t relate to your criticism of it. It did not show the disastrous consequences of a relapse fully, because the movie takes place over 24 hours. Your experience, of course, is yours; and your feelings about the movie are as valid as mine are. :) Flight on the other hand was too formulaic and it seemed to be done by someone who wanted to tell a good story, not necessarily talk about addiction, especially relapse. But the movie that depicted addiction (especially Alcoholism which is my addiction) the closest was LOST WEEKEND. Watch it if you get a chance. A modern day re-enactment of that is Leaving Las Vegas. Nic Cage absolutely nailed the self destructiveness of the end stages of Alcoholism well.

Movies may not be the best place to get a full reckoning of addiction, relapse and recovery. Because the medium involves so many hands, and has to satisfy so many stakeholders; it is inherently a constricted medium to show what in essence is a deeply individual, personal thing. Books are better, in my view. Try reading the new book By Leslie Jamison.