What are photo cakes and how are they made?

A well prepared and eye pleasing cake always creates the WOW factor. What about a Photo cake? Isn’t it true that the very thought of a beautiful cake embellished with photo creates a spectacular effect and presents a visual treat. Thanks to the rapid strides of digital technology, photo cakes have emerged as the rage and most demanded entity for all occasions. With inbuilt uniqueness, no wonder every photo cake creates a personal touch.

What are photo cakes?
By the by, what are photo cakes? They are neither the usual cakes decorated with floral designs on the borders and nor the ones that contain any hand drawn image of a cartoon character. Photo cakes are class apart. It’s an astounding cake with photo of any person or for that matter any image replicated on the surface of cake. Imagine the joy that spreads on your loved one’s face on seeing the photo cake.

How are they made?
In the first place, it is essential to clarify the most daunting doubt in everyone’s mind — It is absolutely safe to eat photo cakes! All the food colors used for the preparation of the cake are food graded. Customers need to provide the baker with a high resolution image of the desired photo to be printed on the cake. Alternatively, a hard copy of the image is also fine, as the same can be scanned and loaded into the system. Many bakers selling photo cake online will show you a selection of images like cartoons from which you can make your pick. The real magic rests with the ultra thin icing sheet made out of rice, cornstarch or potatoes. Images are printed on these edible icing papers with the help of edible food colors. The photo bearing icing sheet is tactically placed on the top of the cake. Well, it’s done. Most importantly, these cakes can be done very fast and the preparation time is as good as an ordinary cake.

The perfect look
Although an icing sheet made out of potato or rice adds a minute layer to the birthday cake, expert bakers camouflage it with other decorations. Alternatively, cornstarch icing sheets provide the perfect solution for those who desire to have only the photo on the surface of the cake. The icing sheet gets dissolved and leaves back only the image. Based on the necessity, the baker prepares the cake with sufficient moisture so as to preserve it for a day or two.

Can we order Photo cakes online?

Definitely. All we require is the details pertaining to the flavor and quantity and of course a soft copy of the favorite image you would like to get printed. It is absolutely fine even if the image is sent through email only few hours before the delivery. Any other customization of the cake can also be communicated while placing the order. Come on. Make an event more memorable through fabulous photo cakes!