Rahul indulges in vote bank politics; visits Radha Soami ‘dera’

“Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, Rahul Gandhi has been indulging in vote bank politics. In a divisive move of milking votes of a particular community, Congress Vice-President visited the Radha Soami sect near Amritsar.”

In a move, which will evoke interest in political circuit in run-up to assembly polls in state, Rahul spent a night at famous Radha Soami sect. Early in the morning he attended the ‘Satsang’ (religious discourse) and later spent two hours with sect head, Gurinder Singh Dhillon.

Milking ‘Dera’ votes

It must be noted that Dera Radha Soami, also known as Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, has huge following across the country and abroad. This is not the fist time someone from Gandhi family had visited the dera. In the past, Mr Gandhi’s mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi had also visited the dera. A few months ago, Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh had also visited the dera.

Importance of ‘Dera’

Punjab has several small and big ‘deras’ but Radha Soami Satsang, Beas, is undisputedly the largest ‘dera’ of Punjab. Its has followers from all the communities, including Hindus and Sikhs. A large number of its following is from the Dalit community, especially Adi-dharmis. The ‘dera’ factor play a key role in deciding the fate of elections hence Congress party is going all out to garner ‘dera’ vote bank.

Rahul’s visit kept a close secret

As per the news reports Congress Vice-President went alone insides and even Security personnel accompanying the Congress leader were also asked to stay out of the dera premises. It must be noted here that the district administration and top police officers were clueless of his visit till the last minute.

As reported in the media, Police had to make sudden arrangements when Rahul entered the jurisdiction of Beas by road.