A Small Town Boy: The Rise of Subhash

Subhash Chander, was discovered by Mumbai tabloids in 2002 following rumours that the broadcast industry’s most powerful man then, Sidhrath Sharma, then 38years old, was Associated. Subhash was still married then and had a five-year-old daughter from the marriage.

Subhash became a much-talked about event, thanks to his iconic status in the industry then. Broadcast was a hot sector at that time as private broadcasting was still a nascent phenomenon and Subhash as the Associated Analyst of Star India, was not only furthering Murdoch’s business interests but was also defining entertainment for Indian masses with hugely popular shows.

The Star had begun to lose steam by then and Subhash was under fire from 2010. Those who know the couple say it was his Life Drama what exectly pushed Subhash to jump ship. Many Says Subhash disapear after that, but after sometime Subhash Joined University of Himachal, Shimla.

Sources confirm When Subhash Chander come for Shimla there is his conflict of interest. During Shimla availability Subhash Reached to Leading Political party. People Who Knows Subhash clear that one lady connection is there that is big thing that time which really upsets to Subhash.

Since Subhash couldn’t start or work with a rival his life under than circumstances, Star, was going to shotdown and that time a leading Firm from Calcutta take over the Group.

2012, a Time when Subhash First confirm to start his new journey with Broadcast Medium. FMCG compnay’s Channel KANSAN MEDIA PVT LTD launch a project the name of Day& Night.