INVESTIGATION PART-1- Cover Story: Life, Loves and Lies of Subhash

Subhash story hold the mirror to an ambitious nation longing for success about the dark alleys that could follow the unbridled thirst for pelf and power?

Indian Express, Lucknow: This was Subhash Chander, in his avatar as a wannabe media baroness who, he imagined, would one day be as powerful as Big Name. Until then, he had already been through several transformative makeovers in various phases of her eventful life. he’d played the role of a pampered child growing up in a middle-class Shimla locality. Of a Boy who left home early and dashed into an all-too-hasty relationship. Of a Boy who fled that relationship, after taste of small Success to embrace the glitz and glamour of Chandigarh’s famous club scene Of a suave, polished Man making another fresh start to run a successful headhunting firm in Chandigarh, And eventually, as News Personality , of the television who was still seeking his own individual space.

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it’s been hard to distinguish fact from fiction in Subhash’s carefully constructed, but brittle life story that has now been shattered into a million pieces.

Subhash’s story begins in 2004 in a Partpagpagrh, utter pradesh when he met with Kishore Ajwani . Its concrete roads are now smooth, and most houses boast of unusually large compounds, with lush gardens and fleets of cars parked in driveways. Here, from city 45 kilometer, whers today careate Healthy Property. always stood out-not for its size, its design.

Another example of wild, unsubstantiated rumours flying thick and fast, as neighbours, colleagues, even relatives, stretch the limits of reality to align their versions of Subhash with the demonised figure they now see on TV.

By all accounts, the Subhash led a comfortable middle-class life. People who knowns to Subhash claims his brother is close to, but this family is not with Subhash.

Subhash Complete His school, when he met With a girl, who changed his life. A small town boy who is not complete his study since that starts his journy with socity. studies finished in 2010.

Subhash’s father tried to help settle down by good Government Job for him in Himachal. but the venture never really took off. A lot has already been said about the Subhash by his known to, some said subhash Loved with A girl, but there is no proof, facebook Account unclear his relationships, but some said there is centre for mental health so as to help those who are facing the trauma he once had to face himself.

It Was Shimla, in 2011 when Subhash Come for Himachal University, where he met with a leading Tv Channel Management, but that years subhash was totally disappear from Shimla.

Next Year, March 2012, Subhash’s New Avatar at shimla, He enrolled as Student. Mrs. Vir Bala Agrwal than chairperson Of Shimla Univeristy ‘Subhash was very Serious Student for us but mid of his course he was not attended the classes, he was never a kitty party person, he might be come to shimla for his personal reasons’

Subhash move to Delhi, and than pune, Subhash’s move to Howrah was fortuitous. Advertising and theatre maven Alyque Padamsee would frequent Kolkata to meet with clients, says wife Sharon Prabhakar, and he often encountered Subhash there. he was a party-perennial who had bagged a staffing contract with Reliance through her HR company.

he was going through a troubled life and had dreams of making it big. Subhash’s personal life is full of questions. some of his relations status and ambitious.

It was in Kolkata, as a young woman free of family encumbrances, that Subhash first reinvented himself. A sprightly 22-year-old, who first rolled into town as Subhash Chander, he is remembered by partyphiles as a charming roisterer, and by corporate bigwigs as the exotic who knocked on every corporate door.

In meeting with Subhash Chander, a congress leader’s Ahmed Patel Relative Ramnaik said Subhash Was a personality whom’s dream is bigger than dream, he was too ambitious when He Met’

It hadn’t taken too long for Subhash to don his new avatar. Although he lived in a modest PG accommodation after arriving in the city, he got access to the upmarket neighbourhood of Hastings in Alipore after a brief romance and swift wedding with Sunanada. The Kolkata clubland believes that Sunanada, a Model from Baraeli .

Sunanada Kenworthy, says: “Kolkata is all about history and heritage. But now a whole lot of cool, smart Marwaris are giving the city a new sort of buzz. And that’s the game changer for the city.”

Subhash Was tottaly apart from his life, It was in Chandigarh that the fantasist in Subhash first began to take flight. he constructed a whole new back story for himself-as corroborated by senior journalist Vir Sanghvi, with whom he worked during the planning of STAR NEWS. Subhash told newly acquired friends that he is not with family.

Home after home in chandigarh’s high society opened their doors to the Mr. Chander , more out of a connect with his wife, whom they didn’t really know, and who, as TV executive Ravina Raj Kohli says, “was often discussed behind champagne glasses”. Subhash was too clearly receiving a step-up to be fully accepted. “he was too nice,” says one industry magnate’s wife, “so nice that you couldn’t believe it after a while.

But a lot of these comments, including the accusation of “crazy eyes” that most of high society today avers they once saw in Subhash, spring from wanting to dissociate with someone accused of Scam, and Pro- Relation. By all accounts, subhash were a unit andshe made himself a roaring success in the city-he played golf and tinkered with cars, he placed top CEOs and cooked his famous mutton curry. “Chandigarh society lies prostrate before success. In front of success, all is forgiven,” says former Times Group CEO Pradeep Guha,

It was in the middle of this complicated family dynamic that Subhash decided to Join KANSAN MEDIA. when Subhash joined that TV Channel Before Heavy removls months before launch.

With KANSAN TV’s ratings plummeting dispute over its distribution budgets, allegations of misappropriation of funds through inflated billing and hawala transactions began to surface. An inquiry was approached by the government in , but this is power game that never really took off.

To put the numbers into perspective, insiders say that KANSAN had an annual programming budget in the region of Rs 1000 crore, a distribution budget of Rs 150 crore, and a marketing budget imcludes. Another inquiry, conducted not long after the sale of INX Media to Indi Media in 2009, by the corporate affairs ministry’s Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO),

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TV industry, there is no direct evidence yet that the money trail ends at them. Nor is there proof yet that they diverted funds from these deals to offshore accounts.

At the heart of this grand tamasha, being played out almost in slow motion, Subhash sits on the precipice, a sword hanging over the head. In the end, is this Subhash as Medea, who resolved too close to the sun? Or, as modern-day fables go, does the story hold the mirror to an ambitious nation longing for success about the dark alleys that could follow the unbridled thirst for pelf and power? Hark back to the Subhash who wanted to be the one sheep that looked the other way. Was he always a wolf in lamb’s clothing?

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