If the content that you get people to click on and read on your blog is not AMAZING, trust me they are not coming back!

You WANT people to love you for the stuff you write about and come again and again to your blog.

If not, then why else would you be here?

To make sure that your content is KICKASS, make sure to ask yourself the following questions before you hit PUBLISH!

1) Does your post have a clear purpose?

A good blog post should either be INFORMATIONAL or INSPIRATIONAL.

Does the blog post fall into one of these categories? …

Nothing is a bigger motivator to work on your side hustle, than waking up and seeing that you made over $100 in a single day from passive sources.

Now, this post is not a regular blog income report. I will not be sharing my total income here. Much as I love being transparent, I find generic income reports repetitive in nature.

So this post is rather a “passive-income” report.

And before you go all, “ but nothing is really passive “.

I hear ya, and I will tell you exactly how much I had to work to make this last…

Today’s the day one of my baby blogs crossed 300K page views!

[in 15 months from the start of the blog]

And I want to take a moment to celebrate this.

Before I jump right into the juicy details.


Now, please keep in mind this is a PART-TIME blog which means until very recently, I had little to no help building this baby from the ground up.

I’m not one of those bloggers who ran 20 websites for decades and had a ton of experience doing this.

No, I started from zero and worked my way to the ground…

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to start a blog, you’re at the right place!

With this step by step guide to start a cheap blog, you can get going in under $10/mo!

I’m sure to start a future online business, you can spare that much.

This guide is divided into six sections to make things logical for you:

Section 1: Introduction & Setup

1.1 Defining Niche, Sub-Niche & Brand Name

The very first step in your journey towards launching a blog is to figure out the following-

  • Niche- The broad sector of content you will operate in. This could be travel, food, parenting, personal finance, fashion, lifestyle, etc.
  • Sub-niche- The…

Your Guide To Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A term feared, admired and rarely conquered by most people in the online publishing world.

Pinterest SEO, however, is quite simple.

It is driven to help people find inspiring and informational content that people can also click through and BUY.

The intent to buy or click out is VERY high.

Whereas Google optimizes blog posts based on how useful they are on a number of ranking factors, Pinterest SEO is much less complicated.

Since you don’t really write blog posts on Pinterest but instead create pins, you need to make…

The honest truth behind blogging income reports

Blog income report! Who doesn’t love reading those?

Although, I am getting tired of seeing these, “I made $10000 in 3 months” blog income reports.

It makes you believe that something is horribly wrong with you if you didn’t earn this amount of crazy income in the first few months.

What these reports also conveniently skip out is how much they SPENT to get there.

I can tell you right away, that if I spent $5000 on my blog this month, I would earn double that amount if not more.

The harsh truth…

The strategy I use to get 1 million monthly Pinterest viewers for free.

Aren’t you tired of reading generic Pinterest marketing tips from bloggers, that eventually conclude in selling you a course (with the actual tips), that they also happen to be an affiliate for?

While I have nothing against affiliate marketing, I think concrete strategies that actually HELP you drive free traffic to your blog are either limited or hard to find.

As some one who has herself struggled A LOT to drive traffic to this website without having 1000 backlinks (which btw takes ages to build), I know how annoying this can be.

I was there, and now I am here-

Europe Trip Planning Made Smart

The first time I landed in Europe, all alone, I was quite overwhelmed. As someone who had lived most of her life in India and only ever travelled within Asia, Europe felt like an entirely different beast. When I landed in Warsaw , the air felt cold and humid, it smelled different and I couldn’t figure out something as simple as how to get a cab to the university dorm I was headed to.

I didn’t even know if I could trust the first cab driver I met, from years of conditioning that I should…

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Just by the virtue of having a blog, you do not magically make money.

Making money from a blog especially to a point where you draw a full time income per month is a question, many bloggers have.

Some bloggers take years, some months and some never earn any money from their blog.

The number of bloggers that pop up when you google income reports, makes you think every other blogger other than you is making a ridiculous amount of money.

That’s not true. Not true at all.

How much money do bloggers make and how hard is it to make money blogging?

Some things that stand out from this popular survey are:

  • 69% of…

Social media, is here to stay.

And Instagram is right at the centre of it.

Whether you love or hate the platform, it is hard to deny the power of a social media channel where you have a reach of a billion people.

As instagram hashtags are at the core of the platform, it is extremely important to know why you should use hashtags for instagram, where and how to find the right hashtags for your account, and how exactly to use them.

Read on for the ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags in 2019:

Why use Instagram Hashtags?

Although, there may be a small…

Shruti Pangtey

I help digital creators grow their income and impact online. Watch the free Pinterest masterclass. 👇https://bit.ly/PinterestTrafficMasterclass

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