Have You know all name of Indian God

India is a nation that amalgamates a large number of religions. This is a country where religion runs as deep as the culture and the heritage of the country. You can find a rainbow of religions coexisting within the realms of the single nationality of India. You can find different religious sects such as the Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains lives side by side in complete harmony. As a result, there is also a plethora of gods, goddesses, and deities that are much popular amongst the people of the country

indian god

1 Jesus Christ
2. Maa Saraswati
3. Krishna
4. Guru Nanak
5. Maa Durga
6. Ganesha
7. Rama
8. Sai Baba
9. Maa Laxmi
10. Hanuman
11. Maa Kali
12. Lord Vishnu
13. Shiva

Indian gods have many different looks and have been depicted in different ways by artists over the ages. With the religious beliefs of the people of the nation being rock solid, these are some wallpapers and images that are definitely there to stay.

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