What is Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Limb Measuring

Limb lengthening surgery is a cosmetic intervention which is performed to correct or lengthen small limb of patients. Popularity of this procedure is increasing steadily as it provides best beneficial outcomes to patients struggling with serious limb length discrepancy. This procedure can efficiently treat conditions like growth plate fractures, achondroplasia, bone infection, pediatric hip disorders, stiffness of joint, and scarring of soft tissues. Limb lengthening surgery cost mostly depends on country, plastic surgeon, and patient’s overall condition.

Eligibility for Limb lengthening Procedure

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for limb lengthening cosmetic procedure. The enumerated points describe which patients are not eligible for undergoing this surgery.

  1. Obese Patients — Overweight people are at a greater risk of issues like bone breakage and malfunction. Patients who are overweight or obese are generally not considered to be eligible for this procedure.
  2. Heart And Lung Disease — Surgeons do not recommend a limb lengthening cosmetic procedure to people with a serious lung and heart disease. Heart or lung diseases may interfere with healing procedure.
  3. AIDS or Chronic Infectious Disease — Patients battling AIDS or chronic infectious disease are not suitable candidates for this procedure. Infection may spread to medical staff due while treating and opening the wound.
  4. Mental Illness And Depression — Generally, doctors do not allow this surgery to patients suffering from any type of mental illness or depression. Patients willing to undergo a limb lengthening surgery needs to be emotionally as well as physically strong.
  5. Poor General Health — Patients may have to face some potential post-surgical complications. Patients with a poor health may not be able to cope up with them. It may deteriorate their condition further and delay recovery. Therefore, only the patients with a strong immunity system are eligible to undergo a limb lengthening procedure.

How Is Limb Lengthening Surgery Performed?

Limb lengthening cosmetic procedure can considerably increase height of a patient. It mostly implements minimally invasive techniques for carefully operating the thigh bone and shin bone. Cosmetic surgeons may use specialized devices known as ‘external fixators’ for enhancing the bone’s length. However, such devices may put the patients at a risk of getting several infections. This barrier can be overcome by internal limb lengthening approach. Surgeons may place a rod inside shorter leg and allow the growth of new bone. This approach is known to render alignment and maximum stability to the bone as it lengthens.

What are the Risks and Complications associated with a Limb Lengthening Cosmetic Surgery?

Some of the major risks and complications associated with a limb lengthening cosmetic procedure are described below.

Allergic reaction to medications

Difficulty breathing normally

Nerve damage

Heavy bleeding

Clotting of blood

Severe bone infection (osteomyelitis)

Bone growth restriction

Blood vessel injury

Poor bone healing

These complications can be efficiently managed under the guidance of a well experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Patients must attend follow-up care sessions regularly to retain successful outcomes for a long-term after limb lengthening cosmetic procedure.

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