Reasons that Make Your Wedding Album Important

There are so many things that one needs to do in order to have the perfect wedding. Couples spend lots of money to get the best venue and the best wedding planner and vendor. One of the most important thing of your wedding is your wedding album. There will be some of your who might feel that it is ok to have just a few pictures or you can easily have your own DVD. But there are many things which make a wedding album absolutely important.


Preservation of all those precious moments is one of the most important reasons to have a wedding album. When the couple grows old and frail they can just flip through those lovely wedding pictures and remember the long journey that the two have had together.

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They tell your story:

A well-done wedding album is like a storybook. It tells your story in pictures. You will surely not mind reading this storybook again and again with all your friends and relatives in the coming years.

Changes in technology:

Technology will keep changing. Today you may have a CD or DVD which will be outdated technology in the coming years. You will keep struggling to transfer the data from one electronic media to another. Then a time will come when no further transfers will be possible. But that is not the case when you have a wedding album. You can preserve it with you for a lifetime.

Let the next generation know:

You will surely want your children and grandchildren to know how you got married. You want them to see each and every ceremony that you had in your wedding. This is possible only when you have a beautiful wedding album.


In case of DVD’s and CD’s there is nothing much that you can do. Maybe have some songs in the background or so. But when it comes to wedding albums there are many things that you can actually do to give your wedding album a personalised and creative touch. Take the example of Indian weddings which has a number of ceremonies. If you have a creative Indian Wedding Photographer he will make sure that he arranges the pictures in the correct sequence and will also capture the delicate personal moments with the perfect click. You will also get the option to choose from different styles of photography.

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For sheer joy:

Flipping through your wedding pictures time and again can give you lots of happiness and joy. This is not possible with electronic media. When you look at every picture you will relive all those beautiful moments. You will discuss each and every picture with your better half. Every picture will have its own story and it will give you lots of delight telling those stories again and again.

So, as you can see there is no way that you can skip having a wedding album. It is one of the most important and precious memento of your wedding. But to get the best album you need the best pictures. Make sure that you select the most reputed wedding photographer who has proven expertise in wedding photography. Go through his previous work to get a better idea of the quality of his work. Opt for a photographer who will give customised packages.