7 Champagne Wedding Ideas for a Fall Event

Are you planning for a trendy and lovable wedding theme idea during the Fall? Inspired by the Thanksgiving season, wedding themes built around the idea of champagne and emerald makes sense. Here are 7 creative ideas on planning a Champagne and Emerald wedding theme.

1. Pantone inspiration:

Are you aware of the Pantone colours? It is a wonderful start to zero onto the wedding theme if you know about Pantone. Pantone is a system of matching colours with the available printing inks. It is available online. Reviewing the colours and their contrasting pairs can open the doors of your wedding lounge and card designs.

Tip: Look for the colour of the season on the palette box. Every year, every season many companies launch new colours for special occasion. Get a hands-on experience on these colours by asking for samples. Pink and scarlet champagne and emerald wedding themes are doing the rounds in 2016. Keep an eye on that.

2. Hand-written Escort Wedding cards:

Give a customized feel to the wedding theme with hand-written invitation cards. You can try flap papers or velvet cards to place your sincere wedding invites. Metallic inks and gold foil papers are perfect champagne and emerald wedding elements for the fall season. If you find DIY tough then visit online wedding invitation card store, here you will come across stunning variety of unique fabric invitation cards in array of colours, prints and sizes. The best part is that you can order sample wedding invite.

Fabric Wedding Invitations Card

3. Modern asymmetrical white chiffon cake:

Give a nudge to your regular cake designs. Opt for an asymmetrical white cake with metallic accents in blue, grey and red. You can also explore the idea of a mid-air cake holder to awe your guests. Fountain and champagne cake designs perfectly compliment the whole arrangement in an effortless manner. Conjure up a breathtaking post-wedding sponge tower cake made of luscious berries and fruit extracts. Keep the chocolate fountain close by for a heavenly overindulgence.

4. Mini champagne vase with pink tags:

This is exclusively for the bride and her maids. Welcome each of your guests with a miniature glass bottle of the champagne with customised name tags. Depending on your theme, you can choose any colour. However, pick pink tags for the bridesmaids. 
Don’t forget to add a Thank You note with each bottle.

5. Paper Lantern Decor:

Bring Bangkok wedding theme in your red carpet event. Light up some mega-sized lanterns in an open-sky venue. Paper lanterns can also be used as chandeliers indoor. Using lanterns in a beach side wedding destination rock the party.

6. Tall Flower arrangements:

Look beyond the regular bouquets and brides floral sets. Put a lively centrepiece in your wedding venue using Tall Flower Arrangement using exotic flower varieties. For the Fall wedding, pick roses, delphiniums and ferns to create a waft of magic. Add extra lighting using scented candles and oil lamps.

7. Glow signs:

Use the neon lights to good effects. They have a psychedelic effect on the whole theme. Recreate the 70s with purple and green flashing lights inspired from Las Vegas and Parisian streets. You can even plan to erect a Moulin Rouge and Chicago set to good use.