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Problematic issues and costs in business & economy due to lack of vision in trade, business and economics…

And the road-map…By Sanat Sahu(SanSa Situ)-Gap Analyst.

S.A.N.D.(System, Application, Network and Development)…

Establishing S.A.N.D. model by multiple government will able to create enough opportunity in business world by validating various global regional data to exploit current numbers for GDP which will convert so many social requirements to build business to help the global economy. Once this model will be in the verge of finalization which can localize the demand through prepared spaces by economic body experts will benefit multiple organization operation which can create employment in large number in all across sectors naturally for government as clientele which can be served by both private/public sectors as per the requirement’s arrival through different social sector projects and constant migration over next couple of decades for greener pasture in this free economy. First information system requirement can be able to redress the issues of developing world due to urge for changing environment. Addressing such deficient process by preparing various issues of logical geographical segment will lead to progress in future global economy. For the purpose of preparing the statistical records and managing the different aspects to take advantage of targeted economic zone by operating through proper built system for organised data or information in a particular segment of that geographical community by usability and re-usability of resources available and to exploit those resources will give boost to all industries which will help our world society by and large. Countries will be able to give their nod for pulling extra working capital investment which also will be later taken care by blue prints by management and administration personnel to employ and create required departments and this responsibility combined can help the bilateral relationship which will monitor the perpetual business & economic activities at least for next 3 decades.

Hence multiple government bodies have to create more skilled manpower simultaneously during demand creation through education and skill development program as per the demand to solve so many future projected issues of employment towards correcting existing drawback in economy resulted through lacking process and concurrent technical issues impacting our society. During management of such bad scenario that leads to so many basic problem in our society which also affects people’s home front and that leads to other reaction in personal and professional front . Here investment in business and industries will be responsible for rotation of money which impacts the growth by spending which will bring future prospective which will reduce difficulties tremendously in the legal system and which continuously affects the diplomatic battle of corruption due to power play and bad fight in last couple of decades as committed towards own country agenda. This creates grievances of all sort of nonsense problems in social infrastructure.

Government should consider investing in large scale on small booth attached with computer connection through Bluetooth based cloud technology or base line option for internet to create awareness to uneducated mass which is under developed. Then over period of time this awareness will capture the change in people’s want and in their attitude and behaviour by learning the issues through browsing as per their requirement. This will support the local citizens by utilizing the resources available in that geographical area which will be added advantage for supporting other activities by forming specialized economic zone and for future economy to deliver the business requirements in couple of years towards growth of society through business. Then later we will see as per our vision and envisioned strategy towards action as per common agenda to create more consumers in a decade or so. All sectors will see tremendous growth by working on different segments in a particular geographical community which will boost the figures to satisfy forecast on positive figures and facts. Preparing data for statistical purpose can be done by young IT professionals and young leaders initially after the plan strategy. Earning can be much better in shape over all the geography to stabilize the current problems seen in last 7–8 years responsible for doubling the unemployment all over the world.

• Growth management, to cross check on availability and forecast and maintaining various statistics on regular basis for balancing act.

• New system creation due to economic implications or issues for which government will add value in more departments soon.

• Authority will do the administration in terms of correction, development, process and maintaining the record of various data.

• Geographical balance through community development by statistical analysis will see the perpetual gap.

• Introducing fast information system and multiple enterprise resource planning system for organized process.

This will connect the whole world for reaching out each other for own professional and social interest without much hurdles and will reduce low level politics and bad diplomacy by establishing/building transparent advanced system.

Thanks for reading…

Sanat Sahu( SanSa Situ)-Email:IndiaSanSa.Situ@Gmail.Com,

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Economic Urgency…

World Economy has to be developed continuously and it will be very dangerous to be fully developed by demand and supplies which may prevail due to bad exploitation and no optimum utilization on extending limit to protect the loss of consumables and available of resources. In last couple of decades so many products and services have been introduced or invented through good research work and world does not have enough required consumers for spending on minimum requirement created by demand. This is the basis of no economic development all over the world’s geographical problematic segments. Hence economic body needs to create consumer base by building a valid process to access the information on current consumer base strategically for easy running of the business & economy. And macro i.e. policy economics is being managed through too selfish way in the past and yet never solved any purpose for longer term interest and again that created enough problems for micro(supply and demand side of economy) or blocking the growth of micro economics by statistical ignorance. That results power play and politics to pressurize on own continental target figure due to inside pressure. Bad international manipulators have already spoiled the environment should have been restricted. Good micro can only stop bad exploitation of macro. This is too difficult scenario for business houses, industries or employers due to uneasy view on economy to take business decisions or investment which impacts the business, employee turnover. This impacts inflation and deflation which creates continuous up and down on each event of economic decision. Countries should not manipulate each other negatively due to non-existing of proper system by seeing the lacuna to protect their financial figures in short run in their regular business as no common international laws applicable due to difference in legal binding of each country.

Then after being damaged government administration get it corrected through hard work over a period of couple of weeks and months to stabilize the situation by applying screwdriver systems (tight coupling with loose cohesion method i.e. difficult way prepared by regulatory authority) those never had been able to access the facts and information in time of urgency due to lack of process in the system. Like sufficient food grains have never been properly utilized particularly seen in India as getting wasted earlier because of no availability of timely information. While extra foreign reserve is available there should be good direction to protect the fund from required authority. Authority can justify the figures by 360 degree connection chain in future and politics could be able to promise and control the delivery and should be able to reduce the delaying procedure. Recent report found that people are not earning to enjoy their livelihood and even not able to meet basic requirement though qualified. Unemployment has become major issue for sustenance. There was obvious smell of no proper system in place anywhere in the world to deal with this economy. A large sum of money cannot be circulated for rotation due to inflation issues. Hence too much extra money( surplus) is bound to be treated as dead money due to non-utilization in the past.

Hence new body of future establishment on economy or consortium for developing countries can reduce the complexities to certain definite extent by analysing the statistical work (tangible forecast by more than 70 %) of GDP instead of post hectic work on defects created due to arithmetic of couple of required action in the past (by multiple factors of existing policy impacted change in implication in business and economy) and yet no formalization of a proper particular international department to deal with right body of delegation on required change to disclose the facts. Through required process development economists those skilled with study on economic factors and issues prevailing on actual issues and basis of demand and supply should be able read with clarity and will analyse the assessment for easy view by others (government and corporate) on availability of arising supply and demand which in turn it will help the dividing work to organic and inorganic sectors as per requirement. Unlikely arising of conflict of interest in countries policy and corporate will be advised and follow with the government and economic body to prepare the record on changing scenario on monthly or quarterly basis and vice-versa. Hence it should be able to add value by looking into the problem by placing right policy and methodology to solve the issues for good investment decisions and other required economic aspects which will sort out employees and employers problems which generally get tortured on regular basis due to bad market and economic conditions/scenario. Hence we require new methodology to handle the crisis of statistical ignorance and bad costs on different issues and policy prepared in the last session perpetual basis.

The new body can reduce so many difficulties by preparing easy view through constant monitoring on different supply and demand aspects. The suggestion for considering re-defining for preview of supply and demand (due to no productive environment on immediate change in general built up through different reaction to solve difficulties by any means).This means we suppose not to take all products and supplies differently or as per individual factor i.e. immediate effect on other resources to be taken into account by working out a basic formula for policy for impacting and cascading effects which suppose to be foreseen to judge immediate values and no consortium is keeping the record on responsible cascading effects on world cost and on other impacting implications in our business world and planetary system for fair business dealings. Economic environment is very crucial to see and consider with immediate attention. Like in algebra a+b= 2ab which will never give the same figure practically. In same logic supply + demand=impact(on our society due to cascading effects or natural effects on strength and weakness on opportunity and threat(SWOT) and this figure which will vary need to be protected politically and diplomatically in this world to protect the interest of the world’s economic survival. On an average availability of material and exploiting to the maximum as per the demand as per the agreed policy should be considered by referring the past occurrence of costs by statistical collection of multiple aspects of industrial data and numbers.

Administrators of different authorities to follow the different sectors to watch on regular basis on continuous change on evolving demand or need to be engineered by the new futuristic body of global consortium or new legal body with existing various professional experts consisting of corporate lawyers, corporate management executives, good statisticians and economists with sound knowledge on business cycle which supposed to be tabled by the most countries to solve such bad issues all over the world perpetually. It may take minimum 6 months or a year for statistical collection of data through an organized way of collecting the data for organic and inorganic industries to give future business climate as per the demand for mid-term and later on short-term views post analysis process gets implemented by the new body. Engineering the economic problems through availability of resources towards projected effective solution on compelling demand a specialized training course should be introduced by recognized institute in near future to deal with control/administer/ check/correct/amend the economic policy and regulation. Logically the old theory of micro viewing can never be efficient due so many lacunas in the current system due to existing changed environment. This statistical projection on economic issues perpetual basis will reduce tremendously legal and diplomatic battle on BOP( balance of payment) policy and other factors affecting world citizens due to one side advantage and uncertainty built as there is no such body here in this world to give the judgement on proper direction on immediate proposal for reform.

Here S.A.N.D. comes into play. Earlier in the past people’s assumption were that a few number of people were better for the country which created numbers of bad wars earlier in the past centuries and decades due to non-business environment and not so many products and services were never been introduced or produced due to lack of innovation in technology and other research work then. We have enormous opportunity on global scale development of cities as well as rural segment. Uncertainty is blocking our way to move on in so many areas of interest.

This article is written to refer for social business in economy. Then corporate social responsibility will work effectively towards development towards under developed sectors and problematic area for deficiency reduction in the social sector for sustaining environment.

I have tried to the build logic due to smell a rat for reform. Experts may please add their view to solve current crisis in the system.

Thanks for reading,

Sanat Sahu( SanSa Situ)

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IPL case on money laundering, tax evasion, copyright violation issues, criminal conspiracy and stealing multiple passbook…

Dear Mr. J. Swaroop,

Copyright office, Delhi. Phone number: +9111–2610018/19 Email: and Mr. O. P. Gupta/ Dr. Samal,copyright office,Mumbai. Phone: +9122 24132735. Email:

Subject: Criminal conspiracy in IPL case for money laundering, tax evasion and copyright violation and the criminal bank passbook holder.

This is with referred to my telephonic conversation and email sent to your office and I have got no productive last month due to your inefficiency. I have surprised to know you have no idea of delegation in your organization.

I have faced threatening for last 9 years due to successfully derived couple of good Ideas then during 2008 in Bangalore. My computers and smart mobile have been hacked since then.

As a prudent person if I am charging without evidence or giving false information or hoax case to your office I can be investigated by authorities. IPL & 20–20 both were my Ideas.

Star cricket has infringed the copyrights and linked to the person having IPL bank passbook (criminal) should be arrested soon or should be able to file court case against me logically or I can face court of law for grievance creation to our prevailing legal system.

The basic Idea behind IPL was meant for communal harmony, team building and of course to create extravaganza fast cricket.

This game does not belong to BCCI or ICC and they are controlling authority for cricket in India. The thief(criminal) having IPL passbook should come in front of public as per RTI rule and should show his copyrights and how is he having passbook (IPL).

Others may please spread in your circle and be aware of these IPL fraudsters soon. Anyone helping me out will be rewarded or may please ask for his/her commission/charges towards effort.

Please get hold of IPL office, BCCI office, ICC and International cricket associations…


Sanat Sahu(SanSa Situ)

Email: SanSa.Situ@Gmail.Com,

Phone numbers: +919449467065, +91674 2551314, +9192372 78365, +9170640 22435.

My Address: N-1/314, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Pin-751015.

Please Note: Due to hacking my vocabulary or sentences might have changed. Please take care.

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