History meets Spirituality: What does 1845 have in common with 2020?

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What Does “Manifest Destiny” Mean Historically?

In the mid 1800’s — — the term “Manifest Destiny” was introduced to explain the phenomenon that westward expansion was necessary on the North American continent.

In fact, the expansion of the United States eventually exacerbated the issue of slavery — which was one of the largest factors that fueled the American Civil War from 1861–1865.

Essentially, the term “Manifest Destiny” was used as a way to explain why Americans moved west in the 1800’s and claimed land as theirs, even when native people had been living there for centuries.

It was seen as their “destiny”…

How to be part of the team from the moment you walk through the door

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The scene is New York City, 2012. It’s June, which means the unbearable summer heat has just started to cling to the city, even in the early hours of the morning. Commuters bustle to their subway stations, and socialites step into cars parked outside of their Brownstones.

NYU Students rush off to class, carrying bags — — and street performers are staking out their spots for the rest of the day near Washington Square Park.

I’m also in a rush — to interview for my dream job.

I had read one of New York’s most popular publications since I knew how to decipher text. …

Parents are getting creative when it comes to back-to-school this year

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Considering everything that teachers and parents are facing this year — can you blame them for getting creative when it comes to schooling options for their kids?

Public education systems have begun to quake under the effort of keeping parents, teachers, students, and their communities —.

One week ago, I was approached by a woman named Rebecca through Facebook messenger:

What happens when modern dating collides with stunning Indian culture?

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It’s not a new concept — in fact, it’s a centuries-old custom used around the world to help people find love — and in many cases, to create lasting and meaningful alliances between families.

A matchmaker who has data on eligible singles looks for patterns, personality traits to compliment one another, and uses it to pair them up to see if it would be a good match.

By Western standards, many have adopted this idea digitally in recent years — on dating apps, and matchmaking websites:

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Shaadi.com, …


India Snow’s best work — all in one place!

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I’ve seen a few other writers put their best articles into one for easy access — and I love looking through to find pieces I wouldn’t have seen otherwise unless I endlessly scrolled on their profiles.

I do that — but I the categorization!

I also love adding to the different tags I’ve written for, and trying to catch ’em all like this is 2004, and Pokemon is all the rage. Is it all the rage? I truly hope so.

I think it’s easy as writers to put ourselves down if we’re only making pennies off of…

You are valued — and you deserve to be happy.

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Teacher: A person who passes information or skill.

We became teachers because we had one that completely changed our lives.

We became teachers because we wanted to be better than the ones we had who changed our lives —

We became teachers because we love learning so much that we want to pass it on to future generations.

We became teachers because although we could do anything —

Before I became a teacher, I knew the risks.

I grew up in Colorado — and I was a student about an hour away when Columbine happened.

I remember life changing then — . For many…

Now is the time to persevere for safety — and it’s about more than just the schools

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My Fellow Educators, Parents, Students, and Community Members:

As we face the 2020–2021 school year head-on during a global pandemic, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.

A day may come when we break.

That day has come again and again, as we have allowed ourselves to become marginalized and told that education cuts are necessary — and we will persevere regardless.

A day when we are exhausted, tired of fighting, and we can’t push on any further.

But it is .

This day, we fight for what we should have pursued all…


Was it Luck? Timing? Determination?

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For some writers, thousands — — of views are their daily norm. For me, prior to writing this “viral” article, I had 741 views on my “best” article — written back in May.

It has great view time, which I think matters more than views in most cases — since that’s how we’re paid here.

However, I just wasn’t seeing the massive views other writers have talked about.

That was… until I wrote an article comparing teaching this fall to the sinking of the .

Here’s what happened, the analytics themselves, and how it went viral…

You have a right to more than the academic education we can give you in 2020 — but it’s not all bad.

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I’m already picturing the conversation with my students:

  • They don’t feel well
  • In fact, they think they might have a fever
  • Their head hurts
  • They are exhausted
  • They have a tightness in their chest, but they don’t want to cough to draw attention to themselves
  • They just want to put their head down and sleep from fatigue and the weight of the world — they want to be at school, but they also don’t
  • They want life to be normal —

They may or may not be wearing a mask:

So far, we as teachers have heard mixed messages. Our governor, just…

Returning to school in the fall will not leave us unscathed — in any way.

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Today I was asked the question: “What’s the difference between going back to school in the fall and the sinking of the ?

I wish I had a wittier answer, but all I could think of was… the sank faster.

They struck an iceberg at 11:40PM on April 14, and the ship was on the way to a watery grave by 2:20AM. In fact, the 1997 film portrayal was created to have approximately the same running time as the actual demise of the ship — just over three hours.

In contrast, this pandemic has barely begun.

Many seem to think that we are in the second…

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