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We explain some conditions and problems there is most required the ambulance in the emergence. These problems is not simple we don’t know about when this problem is occurred.

Spinal injury

The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body. Together they make up the central nervous system.

• The spinal cord itself

• The bones that protect the spinal cord (called vertebrae)

• The discs of tissue between the vertebrae

• The surrounding muscles

The nerves which branch off it, to carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body in the form of high-speed electric pulses. The spinal cord connects to individual muscles and tells them to move (called motor function). It also connects to organs like the skin, which communicates feelings like touch, pain and heat. The greatest risk if someone has a spinal injury is that their spinal cord will be either temporarily or permanently damaged. If this happens, they’ll become paralyzed from the point of injury down.

Two types of head injury

· Open — with bleeding wounds to the face or head

· Closed — no visible signs of injury to the face or head.

Closed head injuries

The kinetic energy of a small knock to the head or face can be absorbed by the cerebrospinal fluid, but a hard impact can smash the brain against the inside of the skull. This can bruise the brain or tear blood vessels. If blood and blood serum start to escape, the swelling is contained within the skull. Intracranial pressure (pressure inside the skull) can cause permanent damage by literally crushing the brain.

First aid when the injured person is conscious

Encourage the injured person to minimize any movement of their head or neck. Scalp injuries can bleed profusely, so control any significant blood loss from head wounds with direct pressure and a dressing. While examining the wound, avoid disturbing blood clots forming in the hair. Reassure the person and try to keep them calm.

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