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There is an increasing recognition and acceptance that the Ambulance medical system should provide seamless and appropriate care as per International Norms keeping with different circumstances and psychological understanding. Among our fleet we have very well equipped Advance Life Support Ambulances to comfortably transfer any critically ill patient from any part of Northern, Western & Central India under the supervision of quality and highly competent professionals. Siren ambulance service app always ready for help 24x7 hours. If you have any type of emergency then please call the siren ambulance.

When Your Child Needs Emergency Medical Services

It is rare for children to become seriously ill with no warning. Depending on your child’s symptoms, you should usually contact your child’s doctor for advice. Early recognition and treatment of symptoms can prevent an illness or injury from getting worse or turning into an emergency.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is when you believe a severe injury or illness is threatening your child’s health or may cause permanent harm. In these cases, a child needs emergency medical treatment right away. Discuss with your child’s doctor in advance what you should do and where you should go in case of an emergency.

Emergencies can result from medical illnesses

· Increasing effort or trouble with breathing

· Skin or lips that look blue, purple, or gray

· Neck stiffness with fever

· Increasing or severe persistent pain

· A cut that is large, deep, or to the head, chest, or abdomen

· Bleeding that does not stop after applying pressure for 5 minutes

· Strange or more withdrawn and less alert behavior

Many emergencies involve sudden injuries

  • Bicycle or car crashes
  • Falls
  • Burns or smoke inhalation
  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Firearms or other weapons

In case of an emergency

  • Start CPR if your child is not responsive.
  • Give rescue breaths if your child is not breathing.

Call 9999592334 if you need immediate help. If you do not have 911 service in your area, call your local emergency ambulance service or county emergency medical service.

  • Apply continuous pressure to the site of bleeding with a clean cloth.
  • Place your child on the floor with her head and body turned to the side if she is having a seizure. Do not put anything into her mouth.
  • Do not move your injured child unless he is in immediate danger (eg, from a fire).
  • Stay with your child until help arrives.
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