iPhone vs. Android

The debate is always heated, always passionate. First, let me point out the error in my title. It should be iOS vs. Android and not iPhone vs. Android. Let me get my comparison right. iPhone is a phone and Android is an operating system. If you search the Internet, you’ll come across many articles that compare the two. That’s not what I want to do. I want to compare Apple’s influence in the phone market vs. Google’s. iOS runs on just one phone — the iPhone, whereas Android runs on phones that are manufactured by multiple companies. So, I am comparing iPhone with all the Android based phones.

Lifestyle vs. Life

I consider iPhone as a lifestyle, and Android based phones as life. Think about it. Don’t just think about people in the USA or Europe. Think about poorer countries. Would a middle-class or a poor man own an iPhone there? Most likely not. But he would definitely own an Android based phone. Android is a highly affordable way to live one’s life. iPhone owners always say, “it just works,” and there is some truth to that. Since Apple controls the hardware and the software, the experience is smooth. Having said that, if you dig deeper into the iPhone owners habits, you’ll see most of the application they use are by Google. Search, Keep, Calendar, Docs, Maps, Inbox, YouTube, Chrome, and now, Google Assistant. And Android is by Google. See where I’m going with this?

So, when someone says, “I prefer iPhone,” you should ask which apps they are frequently using. Of course, iPhone is a great product, and the owners are proud to tell the world that they use iPhone. Even the phone case has an opening that displays the Apple logo. Why? Is it a marketing strategy by Apple to promote their product as a special brand that can only be afforded by some? I’ve never seen a phone showing “Android Inside” logo — the way Intel has an “Intel inside” sticker on laptops. They don’t need to. Google seems to be quite happy with the way Android is positioned in the market.

So, next time when you get into iPhone vs. Android debate, don’t. Just smile to yourself knowing that almost all iPhone owners are using most of the Google apps that work better on Android.

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