Watching ‘I May Destroy You’

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Michaela Cole in I May Destroy You

Watching films (or TV) made by women or black people is horrifying. For diversity within this article, I have included my wife’s notes in caps or code. For me it started with Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but the latest is MICHAELA COLE’S (NOTICE HOW YOU USE PEELE’S NAME BUT NEVER HERS? EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT HER SHOW?) I May Destroy You.

It does.

Rape — as told through the usual white/male gaze — is something which happened, and then two cops sort it out. The woman is either dead and glazed on the floor, or suitably weeping and consoled. …


Indi Samarajiva

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him.

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