Several problems with this piece:
Keerthika Singaravel

Thank you for taking the time! To address the issues raised:

  1. Agreed that there were expeditions North, but I don’t think there were ever any serious historically-attested campaigns aiming to conquer territory in the North, unlike the campaigns of Samudra-Gupta or Harsha. Even the Rashtrakuta campaigns aimed to capture Kannauj rather than impose hegemony on the North.
  2. The article never states that trade or interest in global affairs begins with the Cholas. Before them, the Pallavas had considerable influence in Southeast Asia, and going even further, Satavahana trade with it. The Chola engagement with the region just happened to be the most spectacular and well-known.
  3. The article does not say this either. Structural stone temples appear roughly around the Gupta/Vakataka period, but again, the Chola temple-building/urbanisation project is perhaps the most spectacular example from South India, much more than, say, the Chalukyas.