activity producing, nausea inducing
scribbling what will make the sell
on the clock, my thoughts to mock,
is to make the cut to be made well?

starring blankly, speaking frankly
only in poetic form
words dispensed, my spirit incensed,
breaking character invites scorn

Duty driven, weakness hidden,
to achieve the goal is pressure, high
stiffly singing, no bells heard ringing,
only work and labored sighs

phrases trite, for pay alright,
I have to eat somehow, it’s true
yet words thrown blithely, to speak unwisely,
can lead in time to aching rue

the screens they burn, my eyes can’t turn,
I need some space outside of walls
fresh air reach me, Spirit teach me,
free me from restrictive laws

concerns philanthropic, returns still myopic
games, in time, give way to service
beneath the frill and cushioned language
there is a core of iron purpose

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