Intro and purpose behind this blog


I am an android developer, by day and night. The day job pays my bills, in the night I hustle, to make another source of income. My dream is to build another source of income that can replace my full-time job and give me the freedom to spend time on things that I am interested in(read travel).

This blog will contain my road to my dream, along with all the experiments I try, what I learned from that. This will not be a tech blog primarily, but more of a trial and error blog.

This idea came when I was searching on how to make another source of income from android apps, there were quite a few methods, like freelancing, making an agency, improve skillset, being a remote developer, and being an Indie developer.

But there was a problem, all the sources are filled with negative reviews, initially, I thought not to take that chance, and began to look for another method. But soon I was back, with lockdown due to corona, I felt a great boost in productivity in my work when I was not with the team, just me and the app.

I liked being alone and working. That was a cue that in future being an indie developer is the thing I wanted to be in my future. So now I was searching for any blogpost for the journey, just to have a look at what time it took for them to make that happen, what strategy they were using, about some niche apps. But apart from clickbaity titles, there was nothing, no real value.

That is the motivation for this blog,
To document my journey of becoming an indie app developer.

I was lucky to have hustled during the early Wordpress days to install and charge for the same. In today’s time, apps are more accessible, so its much more than a website, the impact we can make with an app is more, as well as it costs less. So why not?

I will try to solve common problems that I see in apps today, and somehow make money off that. The app should provide value first & money can come later. I will post 2 updates per week, dedicating more time to doing than talking about it.

Let’s start the journey.

the journey of realizing the dream of being an indie developer