Nongon Devlog #1

Okay, this is my first ever devlog so bear with me.

What’s going on with Nongon? A lot. There are quite a few things I’m working on for the next build (Alpha 17), and hopefully a few versions after that I’ll be able to move into the beta state. My current feeling on where things are is that around Alpha 20 i’ll move into beta. I really like the feedback I’ve been getting and am working on a lot of the things people would like fixed. I’m also working on some things to keep people playing.

So here’s some of the things I’m working on to keep the game interesting and engaging.

Color palettes

just a handful of the color palettes I’ve been working on

I’ll be adding color palettes, so that each time you jump in it won’t be the same old black and red and white. I’m hoping this will keep the game feeling fresh visually.


I plan on implementing some sort of difficulty to the game. The ideas is that instead of just playing one through a level that is just the same selection of platforms in a different configuration, you’ll play through a series of 4 levels, each with slightly higher difficulty. What does difficulty mean in Nongon? You might see more platform types you are familiar with, but with more difficult ledge and platform configurations, or even entirely new platform types. I’m also tossing around the idea of Biomes of sorts, where you might have a ‘city’ biome with towers and buildings, or an ‘island’ with a variety of floating island type platforms. No promises, this depends on how many different platforms I end up having.


I’m working on a narrative of sorts. You will have more to do in Nongon other than collect the Nongon Shards (not Nongons anymore, this is story related), promoting more exploration of levels. I’m not going to say any more about the narrative than that, but it will be another layer to the game to help add longevity.

Tighter Controls

The hardest part about a 1st person platformer is making sure the controls feel as tight as possible. A lot of the feedback I hear is that the movement is too slidey, or that you miss a jump that you feel you should have missed. No one likes unfair deaths, and that is something that is proving hard to get rid of. So I’m doing what I can to keep things tight and fun, but not too lenient. At a certain point you’ll just have to ‘git gud’.

So that’s what I’m working on gameplay wise. A couple other things going on:

  • A working options screen for things like sensitivity
  • A better tutorial type thing to familiarize players with the controls and objectives
  • MORE PLATFORMS! Do not worry that you’re playing on the same, like, 3 platform types. More are coming. I’ve just been working on code and other things. The next build will have more platforms.

So that’s it. I’ll post more devlogs as new things developments arise. Thanks for reading. Your interest and support is what keeps the game, and me, moving in a positive direction.

Any questions? Drop a comment somewhere, either here, or on the Nongon page here. Or even tweet @indiegage.